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Merry Christmas, from your Killers


My favorite Christmas foursome is back with their yearly tradition of song and charity. Early this December, The Killers released their 8th Christmas song, following 7 previous Christmas singles similarly tied up with RED, an organization of the band’s good friends (high five all around) Bono and Bobby Shrivers. This year’s single is a lonely ditty titled Christmas in LA featuring Dawes. 100% of the song’s proceeds will again go to RED’s Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

To see Owen Wilson ponder about the meaning of life during his Christmas in LA, with Harry Dean Stanton‘s voice as company and Brandon Flowers on background music, click link below.

If you want something more fun, check out my very favorite Killers’ Christmas song of all time, Don’t Shoot Me Santa. The 2007 release features Ryan Pardey as the vindictive Santa out to get a naughty Brandon in the middle of the Mojave dessert. And puppets. There were sock puppets.

Nothing says Christmas more than tree trimmings and a bullet in the gun. (Don’t quote me.)

Merry Christmas ya’all!


Brandon and Santa Ryan in peace and harmony. For now.

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