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Oguri Shun as Lupin III Follows the Rurouni in the Big Screen

It was a good time to suddenly remember to check in on my favorite Japanese actor. Oguri Shun (of Hana Yori Dango, Crows Zero fame among many many others) is gracing the big screen with yet another manga adaptation. With Rurouni Kenshin‘s live action debut a stellar success with 2 consecutive sequels at its heels, Shun must be clamoring to do the same with his portrayal of world class thief, Lupin III.

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New Girl Season 3 is on

September 17 in the US. Hopefully only a few hours after airing it will be available for download.

Excited. I have missed you, Schmidt.


Dear Brian Bruckner

True Blood Season 7

And so our favorite blood, gore and sex soap opera comes to an end. With it femalekind’s much needed weekly dose of Alexander Skarsgard and his signature growl. Truly a pity.

True Blood surely had its ups and downs in the last 6 years, from that Ilfrit ridiculousness and the annoying story line that is Lilith to peaks such as Anna Paquin’s Golden Globe win, stellar ratings and all of Alex’s screen time. The source material isn’t exactly the stuff of brain food, but it is perfect meat for guilty pleasure. For that, thanks to all concerned.

My most ardent wish now, Mr Bruckner, as the beloved sexy series wraps up with Season 7 next year, is that you fulfill for us Trubies what Mrs Harris unconcernedly, intentionally, cruelly did not. After surviving 6 seasons of danger climbing up her porch with just her sharp sassy wit, awesome tan and a little ball of fairy light,  Sookie Stackhouse deserves Eric Northman, just as much as Eric deserves his happy forever after with her. No love lost for Bill Compton, but you cannot dole out that mind-blowing Season 4 and not give us that ending.

I expect everything is clear. Thank you.



Source: True Blood on Twitter


X Men: Days of Future Past Teaser

Xavier and Magneto, Past and Future.

Xavier and Magneto, Past and Future.

The best, most creative photo teaser for a film I’ve seen in a long time. Or maybe I’m just very much invested. It also sucks that I got word of the leaked trailer too late. Look for it now, click and expect a “video has been removed by user” message to pop up.

For those who would make do with a transcript instead though, was nice enough to lay it out for us.

The footage starts on a close up of Professor X’s eye, with the voice over asking, “What’s the last thing you remember?” The footage then shows its first of many cutaways to various X-Men; first up is Storm, who we see from behind, looking over her shoulder in mid-air. The weather is ominious. “I remember a glimpse into the past,” says Xavier in voice over. Then we get a shot of a bearded Iceman, Kitty Pryde looking up off screen, and Rogue—in profile—looking down. All three look pretty much how you would remember them looking, just with an additional Iceman beard (but sadly not an ice beard). Professor Xavier then asks who he’s talking to “do for me what I once did for you,” which leads me to believe that he’s talking to Wolverine, asking Logan to help piece his mind back together.

Then there’s a shot of the Xavier school from above, mixed in with shots of the mansion’s basements and possibly the Cerebro room, with Xavier entering and approaching the signature round, ‘X’ doors. There’s a shot of the mansion’s hallway, with silhouettes of people in them, followed by Magneto in a dark corridor, Iceman backing him up.

“You’ll need me as well,” says Magneto. Then Omar Sy as Bishop walks into the light, in front of an industrial looking background, holding a giant gun. Bishop has dreadlocks and a giant dark red scarf, similar to what he wore in his late ’90s solo comic book series. Then what looks like Adan Canto appears as Sunspot, in front of a similar background. He’s in costume, which is black, with yellow stripes across chest, midsection and abs, with a “V” of yellow piping up top. The costume is sleeveless and doesn’t have a domino mask. Then, finally, we see Booboo Stewart as Warpath. He has long hair, with a black sleveless top with a yellow, angled stripe in the middle. He even has upper arm/shoulder pad looking gear on, and face paint over his eyes that gives a nod to his signature domino mask.

Both Warpath and Sunspot look a little too Silk Spectre from Watchmen for my taste, in the “this looks like a store bought costume from Ricky’s” kinda way. But then again, that could definitely be the bad film quality and the nature of the footage; they aren’t moving and they aren’t in action. Bishop looks great, especially with him holding a giant gun. That’s pretty Bishop-y! Overall, the tone seems dramatic and dire—which is what you want from this particular storyline—and it’s really just great to see all these actors again.

Comic Book Therapy has screengrabs of the characters too, just in case the footage gets taken down—which, come on, it will eventually.


Make do with this, until the official teasers FINALLY come out. Or better yet, until the X Men: Days of Future Past movie hits theaters, finally revealing how Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy will share Charles Xavier‘s wheelchair, and the differences between Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender‘s magnetic personalities.

Stay tuned.



Rurouni Kenshin is Coming Back, Twice!!


Himura Kenshin returns in two sequels set for release in Japan in 2014.

Yeah that was intended to be grammatically confusing. I guess I cannot be witty or original with titles right now as I am still cartwheeling with joy from the announcement that my favorite scarred samurai is coming back for not one, but TWO confirmed sequels!!

(short pause for fan boy and fan girl high fives)

As reported by ANC News last July 3, Japanese magazine Jump Square announced that director Keishi Otomo will return to helm two upcoming movies– Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Taika-hen (Rurouni Kenshin: The Great Kyoto Fire Arc) and Rurouni Kenshin: Densetsu no Saigo-hen (Rurouni Kenshin: The End of a Legend Arc). Takeru Sato will be reprising the titular role of Kenshin Himura, with Tatsuya Fujiwara (popular as Light Yagami to fans of the Death Note live action films) and Shuya Nanahara of Battle Royale fame playing the role of Kenshin’s greatest nemesis ever, Shishio Makoto.

I’m going to take a calculated guess that fans of the manga and the series could only hope for nothing else than the Shishio arc to come alive in a  movie. The first film has quieted our qualms of a shaky, corny rendition of the cult hit. So by now I think we are all just on the edge of our seats to see the Kyoto plot played out (very much condensed!) on the silver screen. As for the third sequel, I am crossing my fingers this is the Shinichi arc. If yes, then 2014 is going to be one epic year.

Photo credits to owner.


Thor 2 Trailer! Enough said.

Thor reunites with Jane, just as he promised.

Thor reunites with Jane, just as he promised.

One click at the trailer and I understand all the buzz behind getting a Game of Thrones director to helm the Marvel sequel. The second coming of the god of thunder is going to be darker, stronger, and definitely beyond epic. Even Jane Foster will seemingly shake off her remaining damsel-in-distress feathers as her man takes a couple of steps further up the pedestal of bad ass.

I just got a tiny less excited for Iron Man 3. November can’t come soon enough.

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