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Review: Rawlicious Planet Smoothies

The quest for health has led me back to one of the first dreams — juice detox. Desired because it sounded like a complete health reset button; unfulfilled because it was expensive and seemed just gosh darn difficult. As in most conflicts though, there lies a compromise somewhere in between, and I found it in Rawlicious Planet‘s green smoothies.

Since we’re being honest, the dream was relived really from a simple Google search of “juice detox Philippines,” leading me to a short list of organic juicers in the Metro of varying flavors and prices. I picked Rawlicious because they were relatively affordable, and they didn’t force you into the one-to-three-days detox program. They recommend daily meal replacement instead, that is 1 litter of their raw green smoothie in place of one meal. It was good deal, since my starter goal is to supplement my diet with fruits and vegetables that I lack from my meals.

Rawlicious green smoothies are blended fresh from organic greens, herbs, vegetables and fruits, with a little bit raw honey when needed. Blended and delivered on the same day, these are to be consumed within 3 days lest you forgo their precious nutrients. They have 14 different varieties, but offer only 5 at once.

Now, why bother with this challenge?

Rawlicious claims that their smoothies offer a complete meal with real, raw nutrition. Regular consumption is expected to promote healthier digestion, support weight management, fuel energy and boost the skin, among other goodies. It may sound like the promise of oasis in the desert, but remember your biology and it all makes sense. Personally, I’ve felt all claims to be true.

Rawlicious Planet green smoothies

Rawlicious Planet green smoothies are affordable at P120 for 500ml and P220 for 1 litter bottles.

Like any other person living in this day and age, I started by dragging through their website, found an email address, sent a query and stated my intentions. I got a reply pretty soon with the full details of what-is and how-to. I was instructed to either call their landline or text to get the menu. From then on, the system has been quite simple:

1. Every Saturday and Wednesday, I get a text from their number giving me the weekly menu.

2. I reply with my order (minimum of 2 500ml or 1L) for delivery in the Makati area on Monday and Thursday.

3. The fresh smoothies land on my doorstep before the end of the day. Payment is COD.

Really, nothing could be simpler. I find it very convenient too. A full meal, straight out of the bottle for those busy work days when lunch crosses dinner, and for those dangerous times when I crave something salty, sweet or greasy (or all at once). I often drink a bottle to replace dinner and sleep quite soundly after. Just have to make sure the smoothies are consumed within 3 days of delivery, consumed cold and on an empty stomach, and “eaten” instead of glugged down like a sports drink. The body needs its sweet time to process.

My trial consumption has been 1 500ml bottle a week, same as my sisters and mother who I’ve dragged into this green quest. I know this is deficient from the recommended daily consumption of 1 litter, but it’s a start. The smoothies taste pretty much as green as they look, which can be challenging to meat-eaters and vegetable-haters. For me, it just tastes refreshing and good for you, if that is a taste you can imagine on your palate. Easy favorites are Hella Green (coconut water, organic greens, banana and ripe mango) and Joe’s Green Mind (coconut water, organic greens, mint, cucumber, banana and apple). Anything with ginger is a challenge, though not insurmountable.

Rawlicious Planet green smoothies: health on the go.

Rawlicious Planet green smoothies

Reaction-wise, it’s pretty revelatory. My heavily carnivorous and fast-food dependent sister experienced increased, uncomfortable bowel movement pretty much the next day after every intake. The rest of my healthier kin only felt better digestion, zero bloating, and generally a healthier feeling. After continued consumption, my sister’s system seemed to have adjusted nicely to the green goodness, and now we are probably ready to up our intake.

Contact Rawlicious through their details below. They are currently closed for the holidays (sad face) but will be back around first week of January. I miss my green stuff already. Until then, cheers to your inner health!

Shop  #57 East Capitol drive. Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig city.

Hours  Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm, Saturday 8am – 6pm

Phone  0917-8301-729 / 09178301raw / 576-5886


Photo credits to their official website.

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