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Things to do to feel at home in Sweden

You did it. You made it. After months of researching, applying, praying, planning, and preparation, you’ve finally made it to Sweden. And so begins a brand new adventure.

Now what, you ask? I asked myself the same thing. On my first night, I felt so lost and exhausted that I actually had thoughts to turn around and head back home (lol, I know, so dramatic but also valid). I pushed forward, of course. This was a dream come true after all.

This article gives a great list of things to do on your first days in Sweden. I totally agree and have been guided by it too. Consider my list below as supplemental reading, with a focus on making this brand-new world feel more like home.

  1. Feed yourself and sleep. Food is very, very important. So is sleep. I decided to write them both in the first bullet because we can sometimes choose one over the other when we’re exhausted. I know because I chose sleep on my first night and woke up starving. Not great. Pack a few food items in your carry-on (lost checked-in luggage is too real!) or grab something from a store on your way to your accommodations. Feed yourself, wash up, then rest. You’ll feel so much better, guaranteed!
  2. Unpack. I know. We all hate to do this. But if your experience is anything like mine, unpacking my heavy suitcases gave me a sense of occupying this otherwise empty and sterile space. After I’ve put my stuff away and arranged them where I want them, my flat soon felt like it was mine.
  3. Decorate. Don’t worry, no need to go all Bobby Berk. It’s not about interior design. The goal is to feel at home in Sweden, remember? 😀 I’m so glad I listened to this blog on packing for Sweden when it said to bring comfort things from home. Fairy lights from my sister, postcards, and pictures of friends hardly weighed anything in my luggage but brightened up the space quite quickly.
  4. Talk to your friends and family. Tell them that you’ve arrived. Tell them how you feel. Send a picture of your new room and your first meal. Even though you’re apart in distance, talking to friends and family can close the gap and give your adventuring heart and soul the warmth and energy it needs.
  5. Make new friends and family. This is one of my main concerns about going to Sweden. I’m an introvert by nature and meeting new people isn’t the easiest for me. It surprised me how much simple eye contact and a smile can spark connections. So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Talk to the girl who arrived with you at the airport, smile at the people you queue with at the bus, say hello to your new corridor-mates. And of course, join the social activities your university has planned for you. You will be collecting dozens of friends in no time.
  6. Explore. It’s a whole new city, a whole new country, and for a lot of us, a totally new continent. Go out, take a walk or ride a bike, and get a bit lost-and-found in your new surroundings. Why not do this with your new friends? There is nothing like the joy of exploring a novel place.
  7. Be kind to yourself. You’re on a learning journey! Celebrate the small wins, learn from the mistakes. You’re finally here in Sweden. Trust that you are capable of making the most of it.

Good luck to us in this adventure and welcome all to Sweden!

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