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Yes to You Jay E Tria book

Hello! I thought it would be a good time to update where to find my books, and writing a post about it forces me to organize my thoughts and put them down so that I know the answer to this myself (lol).

Digital (eBook) – My books are distributed widely across several e-retailers

Apart from some chapters, fics, and possibly works in progress, I also publish complete stories on Wattpad for limited periods.


  • International – My Amazon page lists the paperback option for my books. Some are eligible for free shipping, including to the Philippines!
  • Local
    • Komiket Secret HQ‘s online stores – Listed on Secret HQ Facebook page, Shopee page and online bookstore. You can also message them to request to purchase a title.
    • Komiket events – If you want to pick up a specific title at a Komiket event, kindly email sales@romanceclassbooks.com so it can be arranged.
    • Magdamag Market Cafe, QC – available titles are on display. Don’t forget to grab a coffee and lots of bread 🙂
    • Collective Base, Theater Mall, Greenhillsavailable titles on display.
    • Romanceclass website – Our website lists all our books! This is a good place to request for books by other authors as well. Email sales@romanceclassbooks.com so we can arrange a print-on-demand reprint and send the books to you.
    • My order form – this is also print-on-demand. I will arrange a reprint and send the books to you. Note: I am unable to take requests to sign the books at this time, sorry!

Thank you for supporting Filipino authors of romance <3

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