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Review: Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover

I was going to wait until I finished the entire pact before commenting on it, but my sister destroyed her Etude House powder and begged for this one, so with my kind heart I bequeathed it to her (with the arrangement that I may demand it from her any time I wish). Anyway, I divert.

Majolica Majorca is the answer to all lovers of Shiseido who cannot survive the pricing. Shiseido items are made of gold, and they price them accordingly, nothing is below Php1,000. For Majolica Majorca, on the lucky hand, nearly everything is below Php1,000. It was a happy day when Shiseido thought to make this brand. And in celebration, I excitedly purchased it’s Pressed Pore Cover.

It looks like that cos as I said, I was happily emptying it (sorry~~). The powder came in that awesomely, intricate container. It was too pretty, and that SHINee sea foam blue color was a 2011 limited edition, so of course that’s what I chose! It regularly comes in black, which is pretty too in a more elegant way (but since I was more childlike than elegant… hehehe)

I am happy to report that it glided on my face as effortlessly as my emptied Shiseido Supplist Power Foundation (which worked magic, let me vow it now). It is a super fine powder, so it absorbs and blends quickly after a little gentle patting. As (I hope) you can see from the pictures though, it has a very light, almost white color, and that’s the only shade it comes in. So I guess it blends well mostly cos it matches my skin tone too.

  • Pros: It’s a Shiseido brand for cheap! Only Php895 and it refillable (my Shiseido one was Php1,100 for only the container!) It is a super fine powder and blends very well, stays on long and makes skin feel and look soft.
  • Cons: has only one shade in a white-ish cast that might not agree with the darker skin tones. It will be great for fair to medium though, I daresay. Light coverage may not cover stubborn spots.
  • Verdict: It’s a good everyday powder for touch ups, and for those days you only want powder over your moisturizer to let your skin breathe. If you want foundation-like coverage though, this is not for you. The product label says you can put it on at night before bed and it will be good for the skin, but I thought that was a bit strange and I did not want to waste it XD

And with this Pressed Pore Cover, I bid you sayonara. Bless my sister’s face well~~

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