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LSSing: Raging Fire

I’ve been keeping up with American Idol‘s new season and although I love the judging panel (Harry Conick Jr, sir, you are awesome), I’m still waiting to root for the contestants. ANY contestant. I just want to feel something and not just tune out and continue reading passages of the Hobbit while they belt out their three-minute renditions. Something’s just missing with these kids and I can’t figure out what. Then Phillip Phillips returns to the stage and I get it.

Call it charisma, wide-eyed sincerity, stage presence (i.e. beautiful blue eyes), a signature weird leg movement, or real understanding of the song. Season 11’s Idol shows the contestants how it’s done. And hopefully they take it from there.

Before the flame goes out tonight
Yeah, we’ll live until we die

So c’mon c’mon c’mon
Won’t you turn my soul into a raging fire?

Something like that.

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