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Soundtrack to Get Over You

When I was putting this soundtrack together, I wasn’t really thinking of my writing music, because most days there really is no such thing. Sure I’d listen to a few songs when I take a break–nothing like Alex Turner‘s voice in my ears to resuscitate dying creative batteries. And sure I’d have a song playing inside my head, but that’s not the same as having one blaring out of the speakers, is it?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that these songs existed around my writing time with Miki, rather than within it (if that makes sense without sounding too New Age-y). I guess these would be some of the stuff Miki would’ve listened to in the Songs to Get Over You timeline of his life. So if by any chance you wanted to hear music that plagued the head of a friendzoned boy, by all means scroll down and hit play.

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Music Dance and Lyrics Writing Now

Soundtrack of our Breakup

My second baby Songs of Our Breakup is out! *jumpshot* I’ve been hearing lovely things from the handful of people who’ve read it, and one common comment is that the book needs a soundtrack. Well, it kind of does have a soundtrack. Unofficially, that is.

Writing for me usually requires a vacuum. But sometimes, writing requires a playlist.

It made sense that I needed music to write a story about an indie rock band, taking on the task of penning lyrics for the first time ever. I was ambitious, I know. But it was super fun. The words came to me at the oddest moments. The lyrics to Slipstream for one, got into my head while I was waiting for the train at Ayala Station. By the time I got off at Quezon Avenue, the song’s first draft was complete.

The point is sometimes we need noise. A pounding drumbeat, a metallic guitar riff, or just some good old rock and roll.

Below are some (vintage) songs that accompanied me while I was deep inside my writer’s hole for Songs of Our Breakup.

Click, shuffle, and repeat.

The Script. Man on the Wire.

The Strokes. You Only Live Once

Sandwich. Masilungan

Sandwich. In Case of Fire

Eraserheads. Kailan

Ed Sheeran. The A Team

John Mayer. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

The Killers. Shot At The Night

Maroon 5. Beautiful Goodbye

Arctic Monkeys. Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts.

Muse. Starlight

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Happy Birthday Brandon Flowers!

In honor of the 34th year-mark of the prettiest face in the rock world today (oh and it’s also Father’s Day!), I list down a handful of my favorites from Brandon Flowers, and of course the Killers, here below in no particular order. This is obviously the abridged version.

Cheers to more strangely catchy lines, absurd metaphors, arena rock songs, and summer tours in Manila!

Shot in the Night
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10 Favorite Songs of 2013

Since the year-end traditionally leads to year-end lists, I figured why not join in the bandwagon fun? I present, in no particular order and with no deep thought involved, really, my list of favorite songs of 2013.

1. Instant Crush, Daft Punk featuring Julian Casablancas. From the artist names alone this is pretty much self-explanatory. Daft Punk is the reigning royalty of electronica, and anything the Strokes front man does is just New York-swagger cool. Heck even Casablancas’ grocery list is probably also cool. Put them together and you know you are bound to get something magical on the side of the synth. It’s electronica ear-candy at first listen. The music video seals the deal. Continue Reading

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Merry Christmas, from your Killers


My favorite Christmas foursome is back with their yearly tradition of song and charity. Early this December, The Killers released their 8th Christmas song, following 7 previous Christmas singles similarly tied up with RED, an organization of the band’s good friends (high five all around) Bono and Bobby Shrivers. This year’s single is a lonely ditty titled Christmas in LA featuring Dawes. 100% of the song’s proceeds will again go to RED’s Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

To see Owen Wilson ponder about the meaning of life during his Christmas in LA, with Harry Dean Stanton‘s voice as company and Brandon Flowers on background music, click link below.

If you want something more fun, check out my very favorite Killers’ Christmas song of all time, Don’t Shoot Me Santa. The 2007 release features Ryan Pardey as the vindictive Santa out to get a naughty Brandon in the middle of the Mojave dessert. And puppets. There were sock puppets.

Nothing says Christmas more than tree trimmings and a bullet in the gun. (Don’t quote me.)

Merry Christmas ya’all!


Brandon and Santa Ryan in peace and harmony. For now.

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LSSing: Just Another Girl

Who is the Real Flower? Diana Agron plays Brandon in the Killers' latest single, 'Just Another Girl.'

Who is the Real Flower? Diana Agron plays Brandon in the Killers’ latest single, ‘Just Another Girl.’

Hardly just another Vegas-style love song. Spare me, critics. But Mr Flowers does know how to write and sing a heartbreak song. He starts with the imagery and delivers the hook, hitting right where it hurts singing, “I’m trying to tell myself that I’m better off alone.”

And the memories surf a free wave from there:

All my friends say I should move on
She’s just another girl
Don’t let her stick it to your heart so hard
And all my friends say it wasn’t meant to be
And it’s a great big world
She’s just another girl

I could be reeling them in left and right
Something’s got a hold on me, tonight
Well maybe all of my friends should confront
The fact that I don’t want another girl


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