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Kilig Collection: YES to YOU

Yes to You Jay E Tria

The past few years for me have been the era of the short story. Because the usual novella lengths proved extra challenging to write. And because I’ve had the opportunity to be part of anthology projects and writing prompts that pushed and encouraged me to come out with short kilig work.

I wrote ‘The Right Answer’ from a prompt for serialized fiction, and it was initially published in Philippine Daily Inquirer‘s mobile app, Inquirer Plus. Amazingly too, the story is required reading in teacher Ines Bautista-Yao‘s romance elective. Sounds like a fun class to me.

‘How Can I Help You?’ and ‘You Belong With Me’ were in the Tropetastic Kindness bundle, the RomanceClass initiative for charity.

I had so much fun going back to these stories and writing new epilogues for this book.

‘Yes to You’ is brand new. Recovered from the depths of my files where it had been languishing for years and brought back to life. This one was created out of a prompt too–fake wedding date. I’m super happy I finally got to finish it and share it with you.

More about the stories below:


Forced (thesis) proximity. Fake wedding date. Flirty, younger guy. Sibling’s best friend and the one that got away. No matter the journey and pitfalls, it all leads to happy-ever-after.

The Right Answer
29-year-old Yvonne Manlapas has plans. These include earning her MBA degree, if she could survive the toil and agony of her final paper. These do not include asking 32-year-old overachiever Bram Coronel for help. The young hotel boss seems to be cruising through his degree, which is frustrating for Yvonne to behold.

But plans change and the professor is the one who makes the rules. Forced to spend time with Bram, Yvonne may just find that asking for help is okay and support can go both ways. And smart guy Bram with his cocky, dimpled smile may not be that annoying after all.


Yes to You
28-year-old Jiji Lopez couldn’t have been more thrilled when she received the invitation to her friend’s wedding, if only it didn’t come with the challenge to bring a date. Office heartthrob Ruiz Lorenzo volunteers to her aid—not as a real date, of course. Only as a good work friend going on a nice weekend getaway to beautiful Cebu with her. Because really, what could happen?


How Can I Help You?
When Yael Sicat’s business partner hooks her up with the much younger Jun Constantino, it’s purely for work. She is planning a promposal at Nomnom Commons and he can help. But to her that means music contacts and booking artists. Not roof-deck dinners, mouth-watering food, and gorgeous serenades. Her no-play-at-work rule is solid, and she will not cross the line. Right?


You Belong With Me
Mira Banzon’s older brother promised she could stay the night, but the address he gave her leads to his best friend Johan Antonio’s condo. Just the man she’s long had feelings for, feelings she’s taught herself not to pursue. But could it be that all this time, Johan has felt the same for her too?


Pre-order price is only $2.99 on Amazon and P180 on Snack PH !

More retailers and complete buy links here.

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