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Latest Book! Songs You Come Back To

Finafxxkingly! — how I’d sum up this book’s journey in one word. I first finished Son and Alice‘s story in 2016, with the goal of getting to The End before I started #romanceclassFlair. I have since released Ringo and Kris (You Out of Nowhere, 2017) and Ringo and Kris’s Summer Episode (Second Wave Summer anthology, 2018), but alas, Son needed more time and a looot of work. Didn’t think I’ll ever trash an entire finished draft and start from scratch but we don’t really think of those kinds of things do we cos gah que horror, but that’s exactly what happened. Shelved 40k words, lay face down with my thoughts for periods of time, tried again, failed, tried again, succumbed to the need for rest from words, tried again. This time, I think, Son and I finally got it. The only goal for this book really is to write it, enjoy it, and get it out, pleaseandthankyoujustGO. It’s been with me for far too long and though I figure time and a hiatus was just part of this particular process, it’s also a psychic block of sorts that I’m glad to finally be able to push through.

Run wild and be free Son and Alice. Today you no longer belong to just me. And that’s freeing and scary and ultimately awesome. To all who were part of the madness, I hope I got all your names in the Acknowledgements. I am blessed, I am grateful. I shall have cake when cake is again available. This book is coming out at a strange time of escalating anxieties and very real fears, and it’s a small thing among the big, suffocating things. But it’s a good thing and I’m glad for it, and hope you will enjoy it.


Let me come home to you.

When Son meets Alice again after she disappeared from his life four years ago, he can’t wait to impress her. He is the oft half-naked bassist of indie rock band Trainman after all. But adolescent pain lingers, and headstrong actress Alice isn’t about to let Son off the hook for breaking her heart. Can he prove to her, to himself, and to people who matter, that he is capable of being someone she (and everyone else) can count on?

Cover design by Tania Arpa, with photography by Alexandra Urrea featuring TJ Roxas. Fourth book in the Playlist series but can be read as a standalone. Proudly a #romanceclass book <3

Songs You Come Back To is only 0.99$ until end of March 2020.

Son and Alice’s story first began in Promdi Heart.
Also, happy birthday Takeru Satoh! I heartchu.

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