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The Tropetastic Kindness Bundle: Happy Ever After for Charity

We wrote happy endings for charity! <3 The Tropetastic Kindness Bundle is available on Gumroad until April 14, for $5 or the price you set.

It started with talk of what if there was one condo (thank you Carla de Guzman), and what if we let the Roleta of Fate choose our tropes (thank you Dawn Lanuza), with visual guidance of a proper floor plan (hail, CP Santi!) and viola, the Tropetastic Kindness Bundle is born.

15 Filipino authors and 15 short stories of romance, set in a fictional condominium building in Ortigas. The roleta gave me enemies to lovers (also known as the Six de los Reyes special), which turned out to be un-write-able at present. I thank the love and friendship of Ines Bautista-Yao for willingly swapping her sibling’s best friend trope, hence I was able to meet the funlines with my story contribution.

You Belong With Me (Heat Level 3) is about 33-year old Mira Banzon, recently home and “retired” after years of working in Dubai. She asked her kuya for a place to stay the night in the city but somehow ended up at the door of Johan Antonio, her kuya’s best friend. The same man she may have had feelings for since way back, feelings she’d decided not to pursue. But what if he felt the same way about her too?

Writing in these pandemic times have been weird such that I am only able to write in response to an overflow of K-drama feelings. The brick wall comes after the first draft though. Energy to revise and finish the work has been non-existent.

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For this story, the trigger was Hospital Playlist, and the muse was the Ikjun-Songhwa ship that is yet to sail. The difference this time is this is a project with friends, for a good cause, and there were funlines to meet. I respond to due dates (no one is surprised), and I am grateful to the RomanceClass community for helping me push a completed work out there.

Super thanks too to my writing accountabili-buddy Katt Briones and our reward-first-sprint-after system. Beta reader friends KB Meniado, Bianca Mori, Katt, and editor Ines.

If you’ve purchased our bundle (thank you!), you’d have gotten an email on our first payout and the charities we were able to support. If you haven’t picked up our stories yet, The Tropetastic Kindness Bundle is available on Gumroad only until April 14, for $5 or the price you set.


ICYMI: Season 4 of the RomanceClass podcast premiered with the Tropetastic Kindness Bundle launch. Catch the episode on the RomanceClass YouTube and Spotify.



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