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Pride and Prejudice: The real dream British gentleman

Dream Asian man is Hanazawa Rui, but if I am to cross to the Caucasian side of the earth, hands down winner is always Mr Darcy. I have always heard his name crop up in movies and books, and never being as widely exposed to English literature as I would want, the only occasion for me to finally meet him is only when I dared buy the book.

Pride and Prejudice was the first classic I’ve read in years, and out of school at that, and I am eternally in love with it. And this movie version helped. Critics and fans are keen to point out that the Colin Firth version is still above it. But as I have never thought Firth as darkly sexy, and as I have believed every second of subtle, restrained and at times ironic English romance in the film as portrayed by Keira Knightley and Matthey MacFadyen, I hone no intentions of watching the BBC mini-series.

I am happy with the Lizzie and Darcy images that live inside my head. It just pains me to realize every time I re-watch and re-read though, that all ideal men seem to exist only in fiction. But thanks to Jane Austen, for the sliver of hope, and the experience of reading true love win over imperfections.

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