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Review: Alex Pettyfer Movie Day

These are two movies I missed while Quanti forced me into a social exile. I bought and read the books before watching the movies, which is often a bad idea. But the gamble went well this time.

Overall, Beastly movie >>> the book, which is a rare feat, thanks to the Alex/Vanessa Hudgens chemistry (and here I was thinking she will never look good with anyone other than Zac Efron. Fairy tale remakes seem to be the in thing now, right next to comic book movies, and this one is refreshingly cute. Beware the slight slips of mush, and the scary Olsen witch, but the witty dialogue, the chemistry and Neil Patrick Harris made it a great one hour+ spent. For one, Pettyfer knew how to still melt you even with all the disfiguration going on.

On the other hand, I Am Number Four book >> movie, but it still wasn’t a waste of my time. Would still click the like button for it. The eye candy helped, and I have to admit I do like my share of sci-fci alien action (geek confession) but I was not entirely convinced with the Alex/Quinn Fabray (er, Diana Agron?) love. Which is ironic since apparently they were dating in real life.

Special thanks to ze dongsaeng for patiently and lovingly downloading both flicks. You know I would’ve paid for the ticket had we watched it in the theaters.

(I think Imma watch Beastly again *press replay after this episode of Oh! My Lady*)

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