Life and Lemons

Please cancel work for tomorrow’s SONA too.

I learned a lot in our company team building this weekend. First, is that watching Brandon Flowers smile and dance in The World We Live In video and trying to replicate the Wonder GirlsNobody dance steps through the magic of a well equipped iPod makes a really fun bus ride. Think Cheesy Ums Pringles and Combos on a field trip. It’s on the same level of fun. Although by the time we got to Antipolo I was already dead on my feet. Call me an old woman, but you try waking up at 4am on a fine lazy Saturday morning when you’ve already had a hellishly sleep-deprived week. It’s not highly recommended. My eyes are just little lines on my face now, with sacks beneath them.

Tt was always fun listening to Mr Miyagi (Miyagi-sensei, osashiburi!!), erm., HR Training and Development Master Sir Ted. The man has been retired for like eight years, but he can still stand up straight and talk coherently at eleven PM while the rest of us were drowsing in our Monoblocs. He never (and i mean it) runs out of once-upon-a-time, fox-and-cat types of stories to tell, although he’s long been mixing up his cliches and sayings. But we forgive the nice old man and his corduroy Ponys.

I was admittedly asleep half the time in the discussions (whether my eyes were wide open or only slightly drooping, yes sir my consciousness has long left the bulding), but the outdoor activities were not forgiving. A beach ball hit me in the head thrice, I fell on my knees on the hot cement, I was fed on by the hugest mosquito i ever saw in my life, and I’m still waiting for the soreness in my limbs to go away. I’m so exhausted, and I just can’t hide it.

When session ended at eleven last night I really meant to go to sleep. asap. But somebody said there was a karaoke machine at the game room, and you can’t really say no when the big boss is there and a senior manager is offering you alcohol, can you? Proper social adult drinking, anyone? Apparently six shots of orange vodka makes my head all light and woozy, and seven shots makes my words come out slurred. So I really had to stop there. Brandon Flowers then lulled my air-filled head to sleep. His voice guaranteeD a hangover-free morning.

Please see my mental picture below.


The bus left for Makati at around one o clock and dropped me off at the Ortigas MRT, but of course I missed my stop and landed in Trinoma with my sack of a backpack. I must have looked like a pissed off, punch-drunk kid from a blasted field trip when I got off the train.

Now I have to think of an excuse to get out of washing my dirty clothes, and I have to find out the betting odds for the NFL 2009 season, because I apparently have to write a 1000-word article about it, and the deadline is tonight.

Won’t they cancel work tomorrow for SONA too???

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  • vanillalablah
    July 26, 2009 at 11:55 am


    Okay, I know I shouldn’t be laughing at your worst-ass working condition, but the way you say it makes it so much funnier. =))=))

    And yeah, you make work sound so bad you’d think they’re running a slavery down there. And yes, very nice mental picture btw, thank you. I’ll take that with me to sleep, so I’d feel all giddy inside. And by mental picture, I mean the one with your half-deformed eyes taking up a quarter of your total weight, as you suck up to your bosses in a karaoke booth, smashed like hell and is this close to vomiting your guts out.=))=)) It’s like a mini-gokon in my head. Complete with the ties around their heads.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Really, there’s nothing you can do but laugh at it.

    But seriously now, you can do it. I don;t know any other person who’s most likely to pull this off. If you’re way stressed, imagine yourself bashing Jolo Revilla on the head with a baseball bat. Or Mar Roxas. Or anybody else who’s annoying. It helps, seriously.:>

    Take some time to take it easy, though. I know you’re like, 23, but don’t abuse your body too much. Ooh, think of shirtless Rob Pattinson.:> I saw the videos from Comic Con. And yeah, Taylor Lautner doesn’t look like shit too much, now that he’s got cropped hair. And is it me or do the muscles look way hot? Or I’m just turning crazy. Uh-oh.

    PS, that rockstar crush of yours. GAH.

  • girlsomewherethere
    July 27, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    i’m actually surprised that came out funny. but here, i’m gonna laugh with you. hahaha. it was actually fun, that team building thing. it was nice to feel my first official amats ever. and the bonding was great, and we had chocolate cookies for dessert at dinner. but gah, the exhaustion. i can still feel it.

    i actually shouted when i saw lautner pull his shirt off. embarrassingly, i felt giddy. if you’re going crazy, then yes, i so am too. and shirtless rob… how could they end the sneak peek there??? i’m so excited. we’re so watching new moon together.

    ps. brandon flowers, you can love him too.

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