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2013 To-Do List

To welcome 2012 I made a list of things I wanted to do, because fulfillment and action were the themes of that New Year. It summed up to be quite a tough yet full 365 days, and I’ve looked forward to seeing it close just so I can start on a blank page. Next level multitasking can do that to you.

So for 2013 I write another list, this time of things I need to learn, because I am always a work in progress. And that’s a good thing.

1. Don’t obsess over things I don’t need to decide on yet. I read somewhere that you pull from the same energy source when you choose over what to wear to work today and when you decide on a big career shift in the future. We only have one brain after all, and it is really a bother to have one like mine that is constantly plagued by an unorganized stream of thoughts. Resolution: stress over the things I can only change now. Everything else will have their turn.

2. Be more firm about those that do. It is like going to the grocery to buy cereal only to see that there are 101 different kinds, and you didn’t even know what the heck ‘shredded wheat’ is. I am often a victim of analysis-paralysis, and really it gets tiring. To self: learn to decide fast woman, and decide well.

3. Save more. Taking ECODEV right after INVEMAN can drill this nugget of wisdom to my skull if nothing else can. I’m looking at you now, Japan and South Korea, not only at your idols but at your impressive campaign to save. It truly was game changing.

4. Love more. This one is free, which is good for #3. Step 1 is to go home earlier whenever possible. Parents nag that it is to secure my safety, but I’m sure there is more to that.

5. Face changes in its scary face. 2013 is a year poised for more change, but only if I allow it. I have been in ongoing transition for a while now, but I am long overdue for big changes. Bring it.

6. Speak as well as I write. Anyone who bothers to read this blog knows I am no Rowling, no Zafra. Still the truth remains that I can string thoughts together better on print, while they jumble and come out in a stutter when I speak. Add sweaty palms and a pounding heart and the phenomenon is complete. I have to win over this battle, and soon.

Everybody says visualize your goals, it works better for me when I list them down. I intend to revisit this come midyear, and hope I am halfway successful by then.

High five for luck, anyone? 🙂

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