Life and Lemons

Thank you for EDSA, democracy and the holiday. Peace.

I have  to write about football again for submission today (1000 words re tips on football betting, wherest shalt I find thoust??), so I guess this will be the warm up/excuse to not Google punter tips just yet because it is very hard to pretend to care about them.

vanillablahblah hasn’t posted in a while yet, and I so want an upcat update. But I don’t really want to pressure her, because I remember the feeling after I finally took and got over upcat. It felt like jelly. Don’t say it didn’t. The limbs, all common sense, the brain, oh yes, pure unadulterated jelly. It’s like you’ve been holding in all the stress and rigor and vigour for that one destiny-defining day, and you’ve pulled yourself in so tightly, wound youself up in the most complicated of knots, that when that traffic-pestered day in the country’s premier university (quote-unquote, for you skeptics) comes and goes, you just want to sink into a chair for a long long time. No brain activity for a  while, please. ‘Brain not functioning’ sign is up. So I really don’t blame her for not updating or not visiting. Just in case she is reading, though, be warned: jelly state is not sustainable. You still have finals, dear. Enjoy it while you can =)


Sorry. Just had to put him in.

I’m running through the things I want to do today, on this great mid-week holiday, and it all ended up with me getting a bit depressed. It’s quite a long list, you see, and I keep forgetting that one day adds up to only 24 hours, and you still have to spend a reasonable fraction of that sleeping and eating…

I want to continue reading HP6, and finish Airhead (sorry, I haven’t finished it yet!!! How are you doing with Ransom my Heart, anyway?). I want to update document5, which I haven’t in a while. I miss spending time with my fabulous, hot new rock stars! hihi. And continue revising document1 (omg, what about my queries, and the synopsis? gah.). And I wanna have a csi NY season5 marathon. I finally got around to getting the DVD last saturday. Voyage to Circle C and Cherry was succesful, although it was through taxi and through quite a vigorous storm. I forgot it floods there. Hehe.

AND, I was given this new assignment, which I have to turn in today, omgee. I still don’t know anything about football, now I have to give tips on football betting. If this article gets approved (which I hope it does, since I need the money), people will actually put down their cash based on my advise. Gah. Even before I begin my article, I already apologize for the poor souls. Kindly do further online research rather than consult only me okay? Thanks.


Another very important image commercial.=) I can’t keep hating Keira Knightley after P&P and Atonement, I just can’t.

My life is moving in very loose circles right now. Sometimes I feel like it’s flying about with no apparent direction. I know I have a lot of time in my hands right now, but the day ends and I wonder where the hell did it run off to? I guess I’ve been doing quite a lot. Just when I thought I had a solid life plan mapped out, all these things hit me pell mell and I can’t really ignore them. Nor do I want to. Just when work has become a comfortable routine, I’ve been given an opportunity to make it not so. And I am so afraid I will fail, but I will brave a try or two. I owe it to myself, I think, and to these ridiculous people who all believe in me. Thank God for you, I don’t know how I’m lucky enough to keep you lot.

And just when I’ve decided to take on queries, etc., I stumbled into this (paying, albeit still small) freelance gig that I’m pretty sure I’m still not good at and which requires me to write about sports (gah). But I haven’t had any criticism of any sort on my writing, and now that I’m getting it my head may have gotten quite big regarding my supposed skills. It’s refreshing, getting feedback from someone who is very honest about it. He really doesn’t care if it gives me an ‘ouch’, which it does, given my previously sequestered ego. But you learn when people help point out your mistakes, right? I’m quite enjoying it. As for document1 and 5, I have not forgotten you, and still think of you both often. Once I get the hang of this, I will come back for you…

And I’m turning into quite a tag-along. Yesterday, there was a slew of IMs inviting to a dinner for that night, which I of course answered with an instant, sure, I’m game. We met and ate and left Makati at 1130pm and ventured into a stormy night with me having no idea how the hell I am to get my ass home. I’ve been doing that a lot. And it’s fun although quite draining on the energy levels and cash levels. haha. It’s great to hang out with different sets of people. I realized that hmm, look at that, I have a good number of friends, don’t I? The support system is tremendous. The bonding is great. I’m loving all the gossip and the embarrassing stories, even if I am forced to tell my own. And the sense of humour is silly, frank, no-walls-up, no-holds-barred and plainly ridiculous, but apparently, it’s just to my taste. Also, Meet the Spartans is on TV when we were finishing dinner last night, so that helped a lot with the production of the raucous laughter.


(New Moon come November. There’s no backing out this time.)

My post title doesn’t really fit, but I just really want to recognize the day and say thank you for all the heroic things and also for the non-working holiday.

I’m not used to this free-flowing chaos. I need to get my life organized. But not yet. I was never the go-with-the-flow type of girl, but I’m going to give it a try now.

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  • vanillalablah
    August 6, 2009 at 7:31 am

    Okay, so finally, FINALLY I got around to reading your blog. Sorry, it took me a while. Haha, you said it; I felt like everything else was less important after the upcat. All the stress I’ve been harboring since summer all boiled down to that five hours. but yes, exams are coming up, next Tuesday, actually, and I gotta pull myself together.

    I think we’re both going through the same things, you know. How you describe all the stuff going on sounds eerily familiar. It’s like graduating all over again, no? Think about it. So many things to prioritize all at once, plus all the “Shit, it’s coming to an end now, isn’t it?” with the fear of failing and wanting to take a leap at the same time.

    It’s mind boggling how that doesn’t stop at high school, but I guess it makes it ll more exciting, right? It ain’t good naman if it’s too monotonous. We’re young. We need the stress, methinks. Haha. NAT RILI.

    But okay, we ctually do need to do these things, because they’ll eventually lead us to the future we want. Yo;u know I’m 100% behind you, and I understand the feeling of wanting something better. You ain’t happy with your job, leave it. I say it’s the way to go. And, okay. I really think there would be nothing more exciting and fun and memorable than the time you’re having now. Later on you’d have to actually do serious work, and your age will be taken against you, so really, now’s the tme to take chances, and to improve as well. Inflated ego or not, I love your writing. It just so happens that sports is boring. Haha. Are all the write ups about sports? That must suck.

    Ah well. Whatever, elevator.

    New Moon, this time it’s for reals.:>

  • thisismyfireexit
    August 9, 2009 at 9:06 am

    hey. it’s been a tiring week. again. and i’ve been laying around all day and i feel like i should be panting. maybe because i put up a new post which caused me to think again. and thinking is exhausting.

    yes, i do think stress is required. it’s a matter of stabilizing levels. and i know you’re going through the same thing. i think we are bound to do this crisis thing every few years or so. it comes with change, or the need for it. gah. i’m thinking again. and preaching. which is much worse.

    i only wanted to tell you that i love danny and lindsay. and danny again. here’s to season6 =)

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