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Daily Grind #10: #ChokieHazelKnot

There is a light so blinding that it takes what it shouldn’t and leaves me with burns on my skin, angry lashes on the ground, trenches on the earth, ashes in its wake. Pieces of my heart left shattered and broken, my soul left in deep shadow.

And then there is you. You are a star, bright and warm. Like the sun at dawn, that haunting time when its rays pierces the clouds and chases the night away. When its heat hovers over the earth, warm and loving in its embrace, its light making prisms out of dewfalls, touching tears in my eyes. Everything is full of promise.

You are the sun, a star, bright and warm and everlasting, and your warmth feels like home.




November 25, 2017, Chokie and Aze for the prompt.

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