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The Year I Didn’t Turn 30

I realize this is my second 2015 year-end post, and there will be some overlapping highlights. I guess the double-post of sorts is testament to how remarkable last year had been.

And I did turn 30, technically. But going into 2015 I thought that’s all this year will be: the one when I turned another decade, wherein I would embark in a more serious hunt for anti-aging implements that worked, and I would solemnly swear that I’d watch what I eat, and that I would figure out if I like my day job enough. But I think it’s that fear exactly, of aging, of a bucket list I can’t keep up with, of being more than ever required to be an adult, that pushed me to take the leap on things I’ve only dreamed about. This year, I looked at some of those dreams in the face, and went ahead and grabbed them by their slippery tendrils.

  • I finished writing a book. Blossom Among Flowers was a 160k+ word-manuscript gathering dust in my hard drive for years. Then I had that summer epiphany and decided to finally make it into something people might actually want to read. It was kind of hard to stop writing books after that.
  • I jumped in and joined a writing workshop. I’ve been reading about Mina V. Esguerra’s workshops for a while now but always thought I wasn’t ready or good enough to join. This year I said ‘screw that’ and signed up for the StrangeLit paranormal/fantasy writing workshop. That was a good call, because it led me to the next thing I did.
  • I joined a writing community. I am introvert to a fault. New people give me anxiety and small talk tires me out. But thanks to StrangeLit, I was able to meet some of the folks from the #romanceclass community, who turned out to be the most creative, energetic, generous (and sexy!) introverts I know now. Ah, my people 🙂
  • I went to a music festival. Have you ever had a dream you didn’t know you had? Well going to a music festival was mine, sparked by a random turning-30 conversation with my friend Hazel earlier this year. Months later we were booking plane and festival tickets, and months after that we were dancing and moshing (politely) with the crowd at Tokyo’s Summer Sonic.

I was so dreading leaving my twenties. That chunk of time felt like a safe zone, a time to be fun and fickle, but also a period that’s more forgiving of stupid mistakes. But I have since embraced the change, and I am grateful for the blessing of another year. 2015 was a great year, and I can’t wait for the next one.

Happy New Year everyone!

Love, Jay (and Zooey and Joe hihi)

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