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Soundtrack to Make You Stay

This playlist for Songs to Make You Stay is a mixture of music I listened to between writing (cos I need silence to write. Please don’t turn Brooklyn Nine-Nine on now, sister, have mercy), music I imagined blaring out of the speakers at Commute Bar between sets, and in Doozy Book Cafe and Bar on that first Gig Night. Bulding this playlist was extra fun because a lot of these songs were new to me, some of which I won’t even normally listen to. And it’s fun finding new music to like. It’s one of the best surprises.

So here, enjoy Shinta and Jill’s feelings in song format. I hope you find a few good surprises too.

Pavement. Summer Babe

Bon Iver. Holocene  Continue Reading

Music Dance and Lyrics Writing Now

Author Interview and Playlist: Bianca Mori

I first knew of the Takedown series when Peyton Riley came out. Bianca Mori got me from the first line of the blurb–not to get Liam Neeson on your asses–but when I found out it was a trilogy, I decided to wait for the last book. Yeah my EQ is that frail. Anyway, wait I did, and it was a good call. I came out of that thrilling ride with my head bursting with questions for the author, and it was very kind of Bianca to take the time to answer them.

Read on as we talk about the dream to go around Europe, the challenge of writing romantic suspense and flawed characters, and the question of straight-laced cop versus sly art dealer. Bianca shares a stellar, cool/sleazy playlist too!

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Music Dance and Lyrics Writing Now

Soundtrack to Get Over You

When I was putting this soundtrack together, I wasn’t really thinking of my writing music, because most days there really is no such thing. Sure I’d listen to a few songs when I take a break–nothing like Alex Turner‘s voice in my ears to resuscitate dying creative batteries. And sure I’d have a song playing inside my head, but that’s not the same as having one blaring out of the speakers, is it?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that these songs existed around my writing time with Miki, rather than within it (if that makes sense without sounding too New Age-y). I guess these would be some of the stuff Miki would’ve listened to in the Songs to Get Over You timeline of his life. So if by any chance you wanted to hear music that plagued the head of a friendzoned boy, by all means scroll down and hit play.

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Music Dance and Lyrics Writing Now

Top 15 Songs from the 2015 Romance Writing Playlist

One day, author Katrina Ramos Atienza tweeted about a romance writing playlist that keeps her going when she’s in her writer’s hole. I took the bait, we fangirled a bit (ehem, Alex Turner), and then she so kindly shared her Spotify playlist link to the Twitterverse. A few months and many track contributions later, her playlist has swelled to 30+ songs and it’s still growing. I list my 15 favorites below (since 2015 is wrapping up and it’s the season of year-end lists), in no particular order. Feelings may vary depending on the weather, or the availability of chocolates in the vicinity. Continue Reading

Music Dance and Lyrics Writing Now

Reblog: Top 5 Heartbreak Songs

Note: Original post was part of the TBD Blog Tour for Songs of Our Breakup, and can be found in author Ana Tejano‘s blog here. You may find some songs already in my book soundtrack. But that only means I heart those tracks very much.

I don’t know why I felt like reblogging this. Maybe because I’m revising Songs to Get Over You and the feelings are getting to me. Or maybe because Monday bit me and is still dragging me down. In any case, I needed to listen to something, and I remembered this. A ready, foolproof, karaoke-hits playlist. Continue Reading

Music Dance and Lyrics Writing Now

Soundtrack of our Breakup

My second baby Songs of Our Breakup is out! *jumpshot* I’ve been hearing lovely things from the handful of people who’ve read it, and one common comment is that the book needs a soundtrack. Well, it kind of does have a soundtrack. Unofficially, that is.

Writing for me usually requires a vacuum. But sometimes, writing requires a playlist.

It made sense that I needed music to write a story about an indie rock band, taking on the task of penning lyrics for the first time ever. I was ambitious, I know. But it was super fun. The words came to me at the oddest moments. The lyrics to Slipstream for one, got into my head while I was waiting for the train at Ayala Station. By the time I got off at Quezon Avenue, the song’s first draft was complete.

The point is sometimes we need noise. A pounding drumbeat, a metallic guitar riff, or just some good old rock and roll.

Below are some (vintage) songs that accompanied me while I was deep inside my writer’s hole for Songs of Our Breakup.

Click, shuffle, and repeat.

The Script. Man on the Wire.

The Strokes. You Only Live Once

Sandwich. Masilungan

Sandwich. In Case of Fire

Eraserheads. Kailan

Ed Sheeran. The A Team

John Mayer. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

The Killers. Shot At The Night

Maroon 5. Beautiful Goodbye

Arctic Monkeys. Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts.

Muse. Starlight

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