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Top 15 Songs from the 2015 Romance Writing Playlist

One day, author Katrina Ramos Atienza tweeted about a romance writing playlist that keeps her going when she’s in her writer’s hole. I took the bait, we fangirled a bit (ehem, Alex Turner), and then she so kindly shared her Spotify playlist link to the Twitterverse. A few months and many track contributions later, her playlist has swelled to 30+ songs and it’s still growing. I list my 15 favorites below (since 2015 is wrapping up and it’s the season of year-end lists), in no particular order. Feelings may vary depending on the weather, or the availability of chocolates in the vicinity.

Tightrope – Walk the Moon

In my bed I’m rolling over/ I’m tangling up in the chains on the swings on the set, on the night that we met

Cool – Gwen Stefani

Remember Harbor Boulevard/ The dreaming days where the mess was made
Look how all the kids have grown/ We have changed but we’re still the same

Just Like Heaven – The Cure

You/ Strange as angels/ Dancing in the deepest oceans/ Twisting in the water/ You’re just like a dream

You and I – Ingrid Michaelson

And you might be a little bit bruised/ But baby how we spoon like no one else
So I will help you read those books/ If you will soothe my worried looks
And we will put the lonesome on the shelf

Colorblind – Counting Crows

I am covered in skin/ No one gets to come in/ Pull me out from inside

Love Letter to Japan – The Bird and The Bee

Dearest one, I had a dream/ I mouthed the words,
The sound came out/ I spoke to you in Japanese

Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon

But it’s not forever/ But it’s just tonight/ Oh we’re still the greatest

I Wanna Be Yours – Arctic Monkeys

I wanna be your vacuum cleaner/ Breathing in your dust
I wanna be your Ford Cortina/ I won’t ever rust

Still – Macy Gray

I still/ Light up like a candle burnin when he call me up
I still/ Melt down like a candle burnin every time we touch

Jupiter – Jewel

Love is a flame/ Neither timid nor tame
Take these stars from my crown/ Let the years fall down
Lay me out in firelight/ Let my skin feel the night

Daniel – Dia Frampton

I didn’t mean a word I said back then/ Why’d you let me win?

Choose Me – MOONWLK

If ever/ There is still a spark of something/ Left over between the seconds your eyes meet mine/ Or choose me never/ Choose me forever

Perfect – One Direction

But that don’t mean that we can’t live here in the moment/ ‘Cause I can be the one you love from time to time

Time After Time – Cindy Lauper

Secrets stolen from deep inside/ The drum beats out of time

Goodnight and Go – Imogen Heap

One of these days, you’ll miss your train and come stay with me/ We’ll have drinks and talk about things, any excuse to stay awake with you
You’ll sleep here, I’ll sleep there, but then the heating may be down again
at my convenience
We’d be good, we’d be great together.

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