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8 Albums I Should Have Listened to By Now


In this day and age, a broken iPod can take away so many things from you. For me, I lost my background music as I trudged through the day, the borrowed sanity needed during a grueling commute,  and the thrill of fresh music blasting my eardrums. I have managed to replace the first two with incessant daydreaming and productive musings, but there really is no perfect substitute to an updated playlist. Thus far, below are the important musical moments that I am still missing. Blame it on my failed, blue iAngel-skinned, iPod 2G:

The World from the Side of the Moon/Phillip Phillips – The boy is not just another WGWG, as American Idol cynics have scorned him to be. The AI season 11 champ has artistry, honesty and that unique growl that even John Mayer didn’t have in his better non-douchey days. Phillips’ baby blues were just the clincher. The verdict is still out though if he can indeed write his own material as his AI brothers-in-bromance are keen to boast. The sooner I get a copy of the album, the sooner I find out.

Battle Born/The Killers; Flamingo/Brandon Flowers – I’ve been nursing a sore spot for Brandon and the boys since they cancelled their Manila tour in 2010 and never bothered to come back despite new album releases. Still, my getting personal doesn’t mean the Killers have stopped putting out awesome stuff, and it is my pure loss I’m missing out. Mr Flowers’ solo effort Flamingo also garnered solid reviews and got Charlize Theron doing the sexy ninja. If those are not reasons to listen in, I don’t know what is.

Some Nights/FUN – I seriously thought they were British, because they hit me with the kind of cool Arctic Monkeys vibe and that London twang. That mistake aside, hail to them for writing an updated anthem to the restless youth of today. We Are Young hit the spot even for someone in her dying twenties, and Some Nights coolly followed through. Lead vocal Nate Ruess’ extended neck tendons just releases some special kind of magic.

Suck it and See/Arctic Monkeys – Arctic Monkeys to me are the epitome of cool, right up there with the Strokes, and Alex Turner is just about what every man should sound like when he sings about love in bakeries interspersed artfully with choice swear words. Their fourth studio album Suck it and See was critically acclaimed just like the rest, and I really need to consume it before they start writing about LA palm trees, though Alex promise they wouldn’t.

Science & Faith and #3/The Script – They are wrapping up a concert about 30 minutes away from the couch where I now type, adding further bitterness to the fact that I still have not moved on from the Man Who Can’t Be Moved and the genius that is Breakeven. Since their debut, the band has released Science & Faith and #3. Must I wait for Danny O’Donoghue and the boys to finally cinch a Grammy before I get their music?  No, I’m not that pretentious.

The 20/20 Experience/Justin Timberlake – The man is back with a vengeance after a 5-year musical hiatus. Featuring Jay-Z in the slick single Suit & Tie just boasts how far JT has gone from the days of his ramen-noodle hair. But even then I loved him in all his boy band-dancing, Britney Spears-dating glory. Now a full-fledged man and with an album seemingly better than his Grammy award winning Justified and Futuresexlovesounds, I must really be an idiot for still not clicking ‘download.’

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