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The 2012 To-Do List

I’ve never been particularly good with resolutions. Partly because of the unnecessary pressure they give, partly because they tend to feel like obligations. Like the cosmic forces are bossing me around, telling me what to do so I can transform into a ‘better version of myself’. Anyway, since it’s a yearly universal tradition, I will cave.  But I am calling them things-to-do, not resolutions. Less pressure that way.

1. Watch a play/musical.

2. Read at least one non-school book a month.

3. Visit Maj’s grave. Frequency goal to be determined by my emotional stability and that of my companion.

4. Get something out in YB/Philstar/anywhere (LOL, reducing standards as I grow older).

5. Steer clear of new shit holes and learn to manage the existing ones.

6. Get more 4.0s than 3.5s at school.

7. Watch a concert (is there really no more hope of SS4 Manila? Pretty please?)

8. Say the F-word less often. Basically swear a little less.

9. Commit to a pescetarian diet.

10. Commit to a organic skincare/makeup lifestyle.

11. Commit to my quotas at work even if they seem highly probable.

12. On that note, be more positive about life 😀

13. Treasure my friends. They are in my life for a reason, even if I don’t know the reason yet.

14. Treasure my family. They love me and I love them, even if we’re not Hallmark lovey-dovey like how the best of them are.

15. Write more.

16. Shop less (best of luck here).

17. Corollary to that: Spend less, save more.

18. Progress from 50 (almost daily) crunches to an actual exercise regimen.

19. Travel domestic at least once (hopefully can be upgraded to international).

20. Procrastinate less.

21. Be on time (more often, hehe baby steps!).

22. Maintain more sustainable sleeping hours.

Best to end the list here, because my list of things to do can go on around the world a few times and I’ll still not be done. I am a person under construction after all. Hopefully this list (and my faithful completion of it) will bring me closer to that ‘better version of myself’ that everyone seems to aspire for.

So here’s to a year 2012 that will rock harder. Here’s to me actually making good on this list. Happy New Year! 🙂

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