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Top 15 Songs from the 2015 Romance Writing Playlist

One day, author Katrina Ramos Atienza tweeted about a romance writing playlist that keeps her going when she’s in her writer’s hole. I took the bait, we fangirled a bit (ehem, Alex Turner), and then she so kindly shared her Spotify playlist link to the Twitterverse. A few months and many track contributions later, her playlist has swelled to 30+ songs and it’s still growing. I list my 15 favorites below (since 2015 is wrapping up and it’s the season of year-end lists), in no particular order. Feelings may vary depending on the weather, or the availability of chocolates in the vicinity. Continue Reading

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10 Favorite Songs of 2013

Since the year-end traditionally leads to year-end lists, I figured why not join in the bandwagon fun? I present, in no particular order and with no deep thought involved, really, my list of favorite songs of 2013.

1. Instant Crush, Daft Punk featuring Julian Casablancas. From the artist names alone this is pretty much self-explanatory. Daft Punk is the reigning royalty of electronica, and anything the Strokes front man does is just New York-swagger cool. Heck even Casablancas’ grocery list is probably also cool. Put them together and you know you are bound to get something magical on the side of the synth. It’s electronica ear-candy at first listen. The music video seals the deal. Continue Reading