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Miki and Ana’s Twenty Questions

In Songs to Get Over You, Ana suggests that she and Miki get to know each other better by playing Twenty Questions. Now I don’t know the actual questions you’d find if you get this game, but as Ana said, the rules are pretty simple: 1. You answer all the questions, and 2. The questions don’t have to end at 20.

So here I’m sharing with you Miki and Ana’s version of the game. I’ve put down my own answers (feel free to ignore them, haha), and I thought it would be fun if you answer them too. Tag me?

Okay, GO!

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Movie Review

Review: Begin Again

It’s the kind of movie that gets me out of my couch and into a theater because it promises a handful of my favorite things – genuine music, quirky sundresses, Keira Knightley, Adam Levine, and Mark Ruffalo. I bought my ticket expecting a standard romcom, and my sister was quick to note that such low expectations are what made this film work for us. But I think that’s too crude an observation. Begin Again, though nothing legendary, is charming and honest, much like its awesome soundtrack.

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