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Top 15 Songs from the 2015 Romance Writing Playlist

One day, author Katrina Ramos Atienza tweeted about a romance writing playlist that keeps her going when she’s in her writer’s hole. I took the bait, we fangirled a bit (ehem, Alex Turner), and then she so kindly shared her Spotify playlist link to the Twitterverse. A few months and many track contributions later, her playlist has swelled to 30+ songs and it’s still growing. I list my 15 favorites below (since 2015 is wrapping up and it’s the season of year-end lists), in no particular order. Feelings may vary depending on the weather, or the availability of chocolates in the vicinity. Continue Reading

Book Review

Review: World Cup Hook Up by Katrina Ramos Atienza

Stacy missed the excitement of the World Cup, but when a certain incognito guest checks into her dad’s inn, not even her craziest soccer dreams could have prepared her for this golden goal.

I know nothing about soccer. Or most sports for that matter. That’s why I was excited to read and review this book.

Stacy was stuck in a beautiful resort island in Greece, interning for her father who she doesn’t usually get to spend too much time with. Doesn’t paint a such terrible picture, does it? But Stacy was supposed to go to Brazil with her best friend (and best friend’s boyfriend) to watch the World Cup. And that’s enough for her to not see a free stay in Greece as a lucky draw. Until Adi, a soccer hero in the stunning flesh, shows up, that is.

World Cup Hook Up was a sweet, short, and educating read. Educating, because if it taught me anything, it is that soccer is a game I should consider following. Because all the hot guys. That said, I needed a Google image as a mental image reference for Adi before I could get into the groove of things, but once I did, it was a smooth, quick ride. Adi and Stacy’s chemistry was virtually instantaneous, sparked by a shouting match or two (aww gosh, you kids are too adorbs). Often I have a problem with insta-love tropes, but I think for World Cup Hook Up the paradise island setting pulled it off. I just wish the book was longer. Or is that me being selfish? Okay fine.


About Katrina Ramos Atienza

Katrina Ramos Atienza, born and bred in Manila, Philippines, has been writing all her life—and has been equally obsessed with style and design for roughly the same amount of time. Instead of a career in fashion, however, she’s worked in the fields of PR and corporate communications while blogging, freelancing and writing fiction. Four chick lit novels (Pink Shoes, 2006; The Hagette, 2006; If the Shoe Fits, 2008 and Shoes Off, 2010) are available in paperback in the Philippines, while her earlier short fiction works have been published in Philippine publications and collected in the Growing Up Filipino II anthology. Her latest contemporary romance, Well Played (2013) is independently published. She graduated from the University of the Philippines at Los Baños and is married with two kids.

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