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Oblation to me: ‘Welcome home, you nerd’


Going back to UP always takes me back to how I once was as an Iskolar ng Bayan–poor, clueless, eager, but a little bit lost and a little bit happier. I am not a millionaire just yet (give me, like 20 years and a good stock tip), but I do believe there is enough productive disparity between the early 20s, stick-thinner me and the present, near-ideal-weight late 20s me. I have seen things, man, and learned things from this ‘real’ world that gives you no shelter from shit. I am enjoying growing up for the most part–if that is what you call this. And I wouldn’t have been so equipped if I spent my last 4 years of education in any other place other than the sprawling fields of UP Diliman – home of non-toxic isaw and fish balls, articulate jeepney drivers and stall vendors, the lingering smell of powder ink and photocopy machine toner, and a good heap of professors who sincerely care about your 360 degree education.

It’s just nice to go back and look back every once in a while, to the days and place when chasing that 1.0 and staging that movie rerun was the biggest deal in the world. Oblation to me: ‘Welcome home, you nerd’.

#collegetimewarp #bestyearsofmylife

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