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Review: Now I Know Why It’s Called ‘Skip Beat’

Donghae, Siwon and a Happy Yellow Chicken

Donghae, Siwon and a Happy Yellow Chicken

It’s a Taiwanese drama, and after not watching one for a long time, I am reminded that they like toilet humor, physical comedy, and in-head monologues that can extend as long as an entire scene. It’s relatively faithful to the manga plot, as most fans agree, and as said manga is still unfinished, you should know what to expect from the ending. But seldom do dramas end all happily-ever-after now anyway, which I guess is a good trick to keep the audience hanging on to the story, leaving a sliver of an opening for a sequel. Or they are maybe just being considerate of the ELFs who have been both dying and squealing inside.

Overall, this take on Skip Beat was ridiculously funny, at times heart-tugging, and admittedly, overall an enjoyable watch. Props to Ivy Chen who carried the weight on her thin shoulders, and Siwon for actually being able to follow her lead. Donghae was sadly underused, so I hope they paid him well for his efforts too.

P.S. to Siwon: After more than 3 years of not falling for your charms, I actually went in and done it. Tsk tsk. So much for being a non-conformist.

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