Billith is Back. Who Cares, Really?


‘What?? We still have to deal with Billith in Season 6??’

True Blood comes back for its sixth Season come June 16 2013, and while I am a closet Eric-Sookie shipper, forgive my lukewarm excitement for the renewal of this popular HBO series. Although the fifth season delivered its signature serving of unapologetic blood, gore, violence, sex (even violent animalistic sex) and hot men and women, human or otherwise, the plot ran thinner than the Sookie Stackhouse novels the series was based on. Either that or I just found no appeal to the religious vampire cult that was the major story line of the previous season. I was also not that interested in finding out who the heck Harlow the Stackhouse-killer vampire is, and the fairy realm in the series was too frivolous for my taste.

Why do I even bother writing this, you ask? Because I will still watch it come June, silly. And if you follow that up with another ‘why’, I will have to ask you if you have seen Alexander Skarsgard. If you have not, then your life is not complete.

Check out the first trailer below for True Blood season 6 below. Billith is definitely back and roaring to go. Video credits to its owner.

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