The Fan Girl Awakens/First idol encounter! SuJu! 슈주

I’m writing this before I forget, because I am nearing my mid-twenties and my stupid brain is acquiring sieve-like properties, and also videocams are not allowed inside (and either way we were too far out to capture anything good).

Idol encounters must always be remembered.

And so my sister (who we will refer to from this point on, for purposes of SUJU discussion, as the Mastermind) and I get off the taxi, and the first thing on my mind was that I’m surrounded by tweens. Ohmigod I’m the oldest person here. Look there’s a little Korean ten-year-old who’s the sweetest thing, flanked by her parents—YES!!! Ajumahs and hamonims. They are WAY older than I am. Relax.

Then we see the cameras with this girl interviewing people in line so ohmygosh we stand as crooked as we possibly can to try and conceal our freakishly tall selves.

And then, we’re in! And we buy these EYEMAX binoculars, which turn out to be 100 bucks completely wasted. And we buy multicolored light sticks, coz the light lady has run out of blue ones (blue being the official SUJU concert color). It’s six o’ clock and they promised that the show will start at 7, which we believe because they are Koreans.

The stage is HUGE as promised, and I was so happy because since we were only in upper box B (I refuse to shell out more than Php4760 for K-idols that I only like slightly), I was expecting the members to be only like thumb-size. But no, they were action-figure size! For keeping on my bedside table, close to my pillow. Teehee.

And it’s 7, and the screaming reaches a pandemonium and my ears are ringing and the Mastermind is wringing my arm, and I can’t scream too because I have another stupid cough, but THE SHOW IS STARTING.

And they were super pretty. They really were. All 10 plus 2 Chinese extras of them from Super Junior M. The first few songs started with iffy dancing albeit solid vocals—as if the ultimate fan girls cared—but once warmed up nice and sexy hot, it was like watching live MVs one after the other. I don’t think anybody there understood a single lyric of Korean or Mandarin, but when have we ever really cared. Not with all the hip-grinding action.

• Eunhyuk’s lip-licking, groin-grinding, pa-cool rapping, teeth-on-lip grin as he pops-and-locks. Maharot. Malandi kang bata ka.
• Donghae. Donghae was too pretty; he’s like a buff little pretty girl. And then he was dancing a solo and grinning and thrusting a plastic rose at the camera—saranghamnida back at ya!
• Siwon dripped of manliness. We all heart the tight t-shirt. Please drop the suits.
• Leetuk’s malanding rendition of ‘Honey’, although I really wish those three back up girl dancers did not exist.
• Kyuhyun (the Mastermind’s favorite) – fixing his water gun on stage, the grand piyok at his birit in ‘Our Love’, all his birits which were admittedly super great.
• The water gunfight nearing the end. Kyuhyun mistakenly hitting a hamonim. He bowed profusely in apology (too cute), then walked away to gun other fan girls, then walked back to the hamonim and bowed again.
• Kyuhyun and Donghae and another SUJU member (I forget) gunning one fan girl who had a water gun too. Lucky, patron-seated biatch.
• SORRY SORRY!!!!!!!
• SUPER GIRL!!!! Wohohoh-wohohoh-my love my love—
• Shindong counting ‘isa dalawa tatlo apat lima anim syam sampu—ANO BA?? ANO BA??’
• Cross-dressing members (complete with colored tights and wigs) dancing to f(x)’s Chu~♡
• All the couple hugging, almost kissing action. I really thought it would be gay but it was just really hot. Eunhyuk and Donghae, so PG13.
• Every time Ryeowook waved. Ok I don’t hate him anymore. He is gay boy, no more.
• Every time Donghae waved. Because it was always with his pretty smile. Ah, I’m melting!!
• Rokuko! Rokuko! Rokuko! MalHaemal! Rokuko! Rokuko! Rokuko! MalHaemal!!

And then they were singing MarryU as the last song and they were walking around the stage where the fan girls threw towels and banners and giant stuffed toy animal hats at them while SUJU ducked and cried and called out ‘I love you’ ‘saranghae’ ‘saranghamnida’ ‘thank you’ ‘kamsamnida’. The entire coliseum scream ‘I love you’ back though we know they don’t mean it. They are idols after all.

And I really wish we sat much closer. So Donghae will be life-size, for guarding my bedroom door. ^^

P.S. SuJu members doing f(x)’s Chu in Shanghai. Meet EunHyuk (in blue), Ryeowook (in red), DongHae (red vest), Heechul (graffiti jacket), Shindong (curlets in the smiley shirt). Yes, you can laugh. Too cute! ^^

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