Life and Lemons

Year-end Clean Up

I woke up today with a clear sense of purpose.

This blog was initially created to be a cyber diary. Now diaries have historically proven themselves to be a bad idea to begin with, for one being a very effective blackmail weapon. For another, it is a concrete, detailed record of a person’s follies in the ignorant days of youth. That being said, a web diary is an even worse idea. My mother does not even need to “accidentally” rummage under my bed to find the narrative of my secret hopes, failures and dreams.

So today, in the dying days of 2012, I pledge the next few hours to read through four years’ worth of gripes, complaints, fuck-offs, and just the general outpouring of emotions on the keyboard. I know. Yech. But the fact that I squirm when I read them back must mean I am more matured now than the person who typed these before.

Live and learn, they say. And to move on, hit delete. A few hundred times.

Happy New Year!

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