Life and Lemons

Investment 101

An article this week from our Trust Group’s regular newsletter illustrated that if someone invested Php10,000 annually from age 20 at an assumed rate of 14% per annum (which you will only get if you dangle out a limb or two placing your funds in stock/equity funds), he will have roughly Php15.00M by the time he is set to retire at age 60. Even with the benign 3-5% inflation added to the equation, that is still not a bad deal.

The impressionistic fellow that I am, I took out my calculator and started digging my bank accounts for funds I can spare and forget for the next 35 years or so. In the midst of prep research though, I come across this link, and stop my computations by the second slide.

Drat. Credit card, you will be the death of me lest I tame you first. I start investing by year end, I mean it.

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