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Harry Holidays to All!

I do realize the greeting above is quite late, because it’s been weeks since Christmas, and it isn’t even properly new year anymore, with 2015 already beyond a day old. My only excuse is the same reason for the greeting – I have been immersed in the best Christmas tradition I’ve only discovered recently, which is to reread all seven magical books (and watch the films) on the life of the Boy Who Lived. JK Rowling‘s masterpiece is nothing short of magic, and I knew that as a kid when I first met Harry (only a couple of years older than his 11), and I know it now, more than a decade later.

Now, my Harry Potter bucket list has extended from 1. ownership of the complete movie boxed set, to 2. exploring the Muggle-made wonder that is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Japan. A studio tour in the UK sounds awesome too, and this sounds very intriguing. But until then, I’m educating myself with Tales of Beedle the Bard, and watching this one-hour gem below.


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