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What I Did When Hanazawa Rui Didn’t Get the Girl

Years before the civil war between Team Edward and Team Jacob, Makino Tsukushi had been torn between Domjouji Tsukasa and Hanazawa Rui. In a dramedy with a wild premise and many unlikely plot twists that only a Japanese dorama can pull off, Makino and Domyouji’s love prevailed, leaving Rui in the shadow as the soulmate who doesn’t get the girl.

So what is a fangirl (moi) who fell in love with the introverted millionaire bishounen to do?

I did the only logical thing. I created my own introverted millionaire bishonen. He is also a snob, and had fair hair that made his head glow. But I also made him a genius; the smartest and most popular boy in school. I gave him his quirks, his own strong, warring parents, and his personal conflicts. Thus I created Takeshi Hinata and made him my own. Takeshi became a unique and active figment of my imagination.

I gave him Hikaru Saito, a wallflower who preferred whiling her time away inside a manga store over trying to understand boys, or trying to be liked at school. She doesn’t even try hard enough to keep herself in school. So she flunks her English exam, which leads her to tyrant tutor himself, the beautiful genius Takeshi.

I created Tetsuya Sakuishi, because what is a Japanese drama if you only have one beautiful boy? He is a young teacher-in-training in Takeshi and Hikaru’s high school. Hikaru quickly notices his pretty eyes and his distracting smile. Tetsuya quickly promises to protect Hikaru and always be there for her.

Several years and many, many drafts later, Takeshi, Hikaru and Tetsuya’s story has been channeled from brain to written word. You can read about their high school romance, Blossom Among Flowers, soon.

Maybe then there will be some debate between Team Takeshi and Team Tetsuya too. That would be cool 🙂

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