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Things I Look Forward to Post-STRAMA



This week is Independence Day week, for both my small but proud country the Philippines, and with a lot of work, luck and God’s special grace, for one small but proud student (*waves hand in the air*) who has long been struggling to finally FINALLY get her hands on her MBA. The long dark tunnel feels like it is closing in as D-day approaches, thus this list is written in efforts to focus on that small spot of bright light at the end. Lotsa things to look forward to:

1. Not spacing out inside another pocket of stress and anxiety.

2. Reading something else apart from my STRAMA book, news excerpts, annual reports and BSP statistics.

3. Think about something completely unrelated to my topic company.

4. Watching movies.

5. Updating my iTunes.

6. Watching dramas.

7. Looking at my planner and seeing nothing planned for the next few weeks. No, months.

8. Letting my poor hardworking laptop rest.

9. Waking up in the morning and not panicking about the shit load of work that still needs to be done.

10. Not panicking and not worrying, in general (this one is easier said than done, but–).

11. Going to see my dentist, and possibly an eye doctor. And possibly a pain-in-the-back-and-shoulders doctor, and a doctor for stress-testing.

12. Remembering who my friends are. Literally.

13. Karaoke.

14. Dusting off my growing fiction pile.

15. Quiz night.

16. Deleting my geeky tabs and resurrecting my fun ones.

And of course (say it with me, Disney style), a better, brighter future. Wink wink.


Author’s note: I’m a big superstitious wuss. I didn’t publish this until after the defense for fear of jinxing it. Now I can officially say I AM GRADUATING. I woke up today; first thought was: “shet, STRAMA”. Next thought was: “uy, pasado na”. Then I smiled. Then I realized I had nothing urgent to do today. Cue happy dance. Praise God 🙂

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