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Things to Do on a Free Trip to Shanghai

The last thing I won in a raffle was a kid’s size Garfield shirt from my college bowling class. Next was a free trip to Shanghai thanks to one lucky P1000 receipt worth of the Face Shop goodies. Obviously my luck takes about a decade to build and then just explodes into one big firecracker parade. No complaints here. After I was done jumping around with my (jealous, ha!) sisters and then confirming the win via TFS’s Facebook page (it ain’t real if it ain’t on social media), I settled into the truth that I was going to Shanghai. For free, with my fellow winners also then known as four complete strangers. Oh and yes, we get to see Manager Do in person. Let’s do this.

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Movie Review

Review: The Thieves

I understand the comparisons to the Ocean’s 11/12/13 movies. This is after all a heist flick. The title frankly says so. The Thieves, too, rocking an all-star cast, were robbing a casino through an intricate web of a plan that sometimes felt so effortless it must have been random. But to be fair to this blockbuster, the comparisons should end there. Continue Reading