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Review: The End of Twilight (Fan Version)

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

A reaction to The Twilight Saga and Breaking Dawn Part 2. Spoilers abound.

I think it is best to start with introductions. I am a girl in my dying twenties with a little piece of my heart still pinned to adolescence, which should explain my predilection to pick up something from the chic-lit side of the bookstore. Now Twihards will be hell bent to dispel the branding of Stephenie Meyer‘s work as chic-lit, but as most people would not be bothered to specifically categorize, I will drop that argument from the get go.

My literary BFF ¬†introduced me to the first book, and we both were in love with Edward and imagining we were Bella long before it became a joke. The prose was not perfect, yes. At times, it was long, dragging and self-indulging. The characters have their moments being one-dimensional, but for all these faults it was the dynamics that worked, and that unique take on the vampire romance. I guess we’ve all been well exposed to how vampires are romanticized, it was easy to take a huge bite at the first offering that showed the most heart and the least gore.

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