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Things to Do on a Summer Trip to Tokyo: Tsukiji Market, Ebisu Garden Place, Shibuya, Akihabara, Ueno

This day could best be described as a day of leisurely cramming.

Day 3 and 4 was dedicated to music-festivaling, because really that was the entire point of this trip. This day therefore, day 5, was our last full day, since the next day was the one wherein we fly back home to Manila (sadness). So tired and bruised though we were from two consecutive days of dancing under the sun, Hazel and I were still hell-bent on getting the most out of our last day in Tokyo. Continue Reading


Things to Do on a Summer Trip to Tokyo: Meiji Shrine, Harajuku, Shibuya

Day 2 was kind of Tokyo-drifting day 1 proper, that being our first full day to roam the city. Our hosts said we arrived in Tokyo at a very opportune time, just after the heat wave had come and gone (32+ degrees! Boiling heat just days before). It was cloudy and a bit dry that day, and we left the cool comfort of our air-conditioned apartment for the great outdoors.

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Things to Do on a Summer Trip to Tokyo: Chiba Castle, Ginza

Going to Tokyo was one of those dreams I never thought would come true. Even with the news of dirt cheap plane fares, guesthouse-type accommodations, and more lenient visa rules, the Tokyo-plan remained in the airspace of dreams. The trip just had to be perfect, you know? Sakura blossoms raining from the sky, sushi platters floating in the air towards me, and maybe Oguri Shun escorting me around the city. That kind of perfect. This year, however, I realized I cannot keep waiting for the perfect timing, or the perfect weather (or the perfect celebrity bishounen date. Sad face), or else I will never get there. I just needed the perfect travel buddy, and the perfect excuse. Continue Reading