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Things to Do on a Fall-Winter Trip to Korea: Gwanghwamun Square, Gyeongbokgung, Bukchon Hanok Village, Hongdae

Day 4 in our winter-fall Seoul escapade was easily my favorite day. Dampened a bit by some morning drizzle that did nothing to tame the cold (rather exacerbating it to a very unique chill), the skies cleared soon enough in time for an umbrella-free afternoon. This day sort of turned into our hippie arts and culture day, starting with a stroll along Gwanghwamun to say hi to King Sejong, then a fascinating tour of Gyeongbok Palace, ending with an afternoon split between Bukchon Hanok Village and trendy, energetic Hongdae.

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Super Show 5 Manila: The boys are back

Super Show 5 Manila

The boys make their delayed Philippine comeback with Super Show 5 Manila, staged for the first time at the Mall of Asia area on October 24 2013.

Initial feels: Tired from an unfamiliar wave of stress from work. Worried that I am getting too old for this. But then again I felt the same way in the past 2 Super Shows. And again I was perplexed by the average age of the crowd. I know Super Junior‘s fan base is still mainly carried by the teens and pre-teens, which begs the question: how the heck are they able to afford the price of admission? (Think 8,000++ for Lower A and B seats.) My mother will surely never be generous enough to concede and feed a fan girl’s appetite.

Excited. The pure energy from the sea of sapphire blue lights was electrifying and contagious. Fans went wild for every shade that the lights were dimmed until the moment the Mall of Asia Arena went completely dark, save for the screen that came to new life. At 7:15, Super Show was running late, an unexpected and unprecedented glitch in a usually prompt-to-the-last-minute Korean event. But if the screams and cheers were any indication, no one was complaining. Continue Reading