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#romanceclass Podcast Episode 10: In Over Her Head by Anne Plaza

I was quite fortunate to have been there the first time Gio Gahol read as Richard and Rachel Coates read as Erika from Anne Plaza‘s In Over Her Head. It was in this small rectangular room. Twenty of us, more or less, were crowded around a narrow table, with glasses of cold water to sustain us. In front of the room, seated as casually as if they were only reading aloud text messages were Gio and Rachel. They delivered the words and brought the scene to life with all the sentiment and heartbreak they could fit into those nine minutes. I don’t think I was the only one who had chills crawling up her arms when they finished.

Read up on the story’s synopsis below, then scroll further down to catch the podcast episode.

All she wants is to get even…

Erika Apostol’s quiet and unassuming life gets disrupted when she learns that Richard Javier, the very same person who broke her heart many years ago, is now back in the country. Her world is turned upside down as old feelings she thought were buried resurface to haunt her once more.

Determined to give Richard a dose of his own medicine, Erika finds herself involved in an outrageous plan devised by her friends. They enlist the help of Jerome Gonzales, an attractive and charismatic DJ (with a playboy reputation), to pose as her significant other.

As the plan goes in full swing, Erika discovers Richard’s jealous side, and that there’s something more to Jerome than meets the eye. Will this grand charade work out the way it should, or will she be left with nothing in the end?

And that wraps up Season 1 of the #romanceclass podcast. If you enjoyed this episode and all the other ones that came before it, I hope you click here to own the entire #romanceclass podcast season!

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