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Artist Interview: Raine Sarmiento

I fell in love with Raine Sarmiento‘s work the first time I saw them on a blog post listing local artists (thank YOU social media), and then again when I found out she did the art for Mina V. Esguerra’s Gifted Little Creatures. I knew then that she would be perfect for the book cover of my paranormal/urban fantasy tale Majesty. The end product above should be enough proof that. 

I asked Raine if she’d let me get into that sweet head of hers for a short interview and I’m so happy she obliged! She talks about being inspired by dreams, books, and audio books (!), and the importance of doing work that is a reflection of who you are (heart eyes). Continue Reading

Writing Now

StrangeLit Book Launch: It Really Happened

It was a strange day.

I went in there bringing people I knew, and I was welcomed by the sight of people I knew. But every few steps I would feel a sense of isolation, like I was an outsider looking in. As if I was a mere spectator in this festival, surrounded by merrymakers, doused in confetti, but not really someone who belonged. Then someone would call out my name, pull my elbow, flash me with the warmest of smiles, award me with the kindest of embraces. And I would remember that this is real. I’m here. And it’s my festival too 🙂

Congratulations to all my fellow StrangeLit authors. Eternal thanks to Buqo, Mina Esguerra, and our awesome mentors. And of course, all my love to friends and family who were there to support us.

Thanks to all of you, it was a strange but wonderful day.


My story Majesty is part of the Darkest Dreams bundle. StrangeLit bundles Book Launch, October 24, Saturday 2pm at Recession Coffee, Digital Walker, Eastwood. Sponsored by Buqo and Bronze Age Media.

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Photos credits to Ace Tria, Yeyet Soriano, Chiqui Perez.