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Review: Iron Man 3


I realize this review is hilariously overdue. But in the grand scheme of the world that is the Internet, sometimes time moves so fast it becomes irrelevant. Yeah, that’s just an excuse. Haha. But I digress. And I don’t have an entire essay about Iron Man 3 anyway. As I have said, by this time everyone has watched and re-watched and raved about the sublime awesomeness of this movie. Just two things I’ve picked up from Marvel‘s most recent comic-book movie outing:

1. Nuking an alien wormhole and surviving to not enjoy telling the tale will cause paranoia and panic attacks. Pretty understandable, even if thou art Tony Stark, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Just imagine: one day there you were strutting about thinking you are the most awesome being on the planet. Next thing you know, something called the god of thunder lands heavily on top of a fighter jet, an energy cube opens a gateway to the hell of the universe, and yeah say what? Aliens are real and are out to get you. Cue anxiety attack;

2. Pepper Potts is a superhuman human being. Not because of Extremis, not because she survived a 500-foot fall into an inferno and lived to destroy the super villain who threatened to kill the love of her life. But because she is an intelligent, strong, self-sufficient individual who stood her own in a vicious battlefield of men. And she saved Iron Man‘s ass. That too.

Oh, one last thing: 3. as Tony Stark would tell you as the film draws to a close, it is called a suit of armor for a reason. And once you’re ready, you have to take it off.

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