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Review: Dr Oguma AquaKey

Dr Oguma AquaKey has been a staple in my makeup kit for eight months now, and thus is way overdue for a review. This multi-function mist was essentially forced upon me by a very talented sales lady in METRO, Orchard Road. Although I’ve made a lot of impulsive buys that I, for shame, wholeheartedly regretted, this was not one of them.

The US website reads that AquaKey is a “multi-active mineral spray that captures the energy of natural ions to rebuild, retexture, and repair skin and hair.” It promises many things, its efficacy is backed by science jargon and many glowing testimonials. In my personal view (and in normal people parlance) though, AquaKey mist is:

  1. a no-sting, virtually fragrance-free facial mist. I can attest that it is no-sting because the sales lady in Singapore attacked my eyes with two full sprays before I even knew what was coming. Said attack did not leave me temporarily blind, but fully refreshed and moisturized, eyeballs included.
  2. an all-temperature and all-weather mist. I’ve used this under the heat of the tropical sun, inside the humidity of an air-conditioned office, post-work out, while freezing in single-digit temperatures thanks to Siberian winds, and while enduring cabin pressure in an airplane. The mist delivers moisture, refreshes makeup, stops dryness and helps relieve oiliness, without the sticky residue that I felt from Mario Badescu’s famed Rosewater Spray.
  3. an everywhere mist. Although I use this primarily on the face, after battling the heat, pollution and mugginess of a city commute, I also like to use this on my hair and body. It’s the closest thing I can get to a second shower while keeping my make up and clothes on.
  4. a skincare mist. I use this post-second cleanse, sometimes between serum, moisturizer and sleeping pack if any or all of them feels too rich on my oily skin. The website claims the mist helps the skin receive more from your skin care. I’m not sure about that, but spray-spray-spraying sure feels good.
  5. oily skin’s BFF. After nearly three decades, I have finally accepted that my skin is oily and there is no pore-closing, mattifying product that can do much about it. What I can do is to temper the shine, and AquaKey helps in that battle. When oil starts seeping through my makeup, I spritz and pat gently with a single-ply tissue, never mind retouching with powder.

The sales lady promised zits and blackheads poofed away, and fine lines and wrinkles begone as well by miracle of Dr Oguma AquaKey. Those were enthralling claims, and maybe the reason why this review was delayed for so long was that my results to these were inconclusive. My skin has improved since, yes, but I have used quite a lot of other products, and have been actively rotating them. So I can’t really do a ceteris paribus analysis.

But, do I love this product? Yes. Do I get anxious that I am now down to my last full bottle and I have no foreseeable way of restocking in Singapore? YES. Summer heat is high in the tropics as I write, and I need my AquaKey spritzing action to survive. Meantime, I will restock via Amazon.


Dr Oguma promo in METRO, SG. I got my first supply for SGD50 – one full size bottle, one travel size and a hydrating mask. It was love at first spritz.


Photo credits to AquaKey. 

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