Life and Lemons

I thought I was over the loss of the Boy who Lived

But a few minutes into the clip and I’m still crying over Harry. IT IS THE END OF AN ERA, gennemmit. I felt the heartbreak halfway through my first reading of the Deathly Hallows, and my heart is hammered to pieces again now. It’s the end of a magical adolescence, which is much more substantial than a magical childhood, I must say. Because when you have something as brilliant as this story marking the peaks and dips in your troubled journey to adulthood, you find wisdom in spell books and get to know unassuming heroes to look up to. Harry Potter has led me to adulthood. I can explain it in detail, but I will not. Surely, only a fellow geek will understand.

God bless you JK Rowling. I will re-read your books every year, until my last.

After all this time. Always.

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