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Harry Potter and the SM Experience

You're gonna sit for two hours in an SM theater and you're gonna like it!!

You’re gonna sit for two hours in an SM theater and you’re gonna like it!!

There are reasons why I don’t watch movies in SM anymore. And coming there yesterday to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince reminded me of said reasons with renewed force. Although yes, admittedly, the experience wasn’t as bad as expected. I was gratefully surprised the stink wasn’t hanging in the air-conditioned air and the floors weren’t as sticky. And apparently they don’t allow you to repeat the movie anymore, which is great for crowd and cleanliness control. Again, with the cleanliness. But still, the seats were horribly thin and squashed, the aircon just freezes through the bone marrow and was it just me or was the screen quality all fuzzy? I so need to watch it again. Mm, money. I need money.


The movie bored lots of people who were complaining that it was all talk and less action. To such people, I say, it was based on a 607-page book. Try telling Tom Riddle‘s past or explaining Horcruxes with more CGI than good dialogue and that will turn out more Star Wars than Harry Potter. Honestly, nobody wants that.

That being said, the HP6 movie came off to me like an indie-feeling, dramatic comedy with big budget CGI and sweeping landscapes and, oh yes, magic. I liked the treatment. I think it was the only way the sixth book could be treated. The fifth was the pivotal thing, and after that you kind of break off that long hanging tension about You-Know-Who and where he’s lurking and what he’s plotting. Now you already know, and you’re already burrowing into the past to look for something, anything, that one thing that will kill him and–in all intents and purposes–save the world.

A few random points: Harry was so funny when he was high on Felix Felicis, Ron was funny the entire time (kowaiso!), I am still rooting for Harry and Hermione all the way (come on, you’ve got to see it’s so organic), i think Ginny should return to just crushing on harry and leave him alone (although their scenes are admittedly sweet), I felt for Draco and Snape, and i cried, as expected, goosebumps and all, when Dumbledore fell.

There’s still a lot more to be said about this, but I would need my fellow Potter fans. They are the only people who will understand my kind of HP talk 🙂

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  • vanillalablah
    July 19, 2009 at 9:07 am

    I am COMPLETELY in love with the movie. I watched it Friday, since classes were suspended. Shame our Saturday date didn’t happen. But ohwell.

    I don’t understand the haters. I have a theory that they’re just copying each others’ opinions, you know. To sound smart if they they hated HP6. Whatever. They’re losers.

    Anyway, the movie. My god, the cave scene, absolutely brilliant. I mean, clearly, Dumbledore’s death was hanging in the air as we were watching, like, we know it’ll happen, but the process. Shit. Then when Dumbledore set the inferi on fire, just. I had goosebumps, and I’m positive it’s not the air conditioning. Then yeah, when it happened it was heartbreaking. I don’t get why people say it’s anticlimactic. I don’t think it was. I mean, helloooooo. SNAPE fucking killed DUMBLEDORE. you know what’s anti-climactic? SIRIUS’ death, that’s what.

    Anyways, yeah. Ginny should stop being such a fucking Mary Sue, she’s annoying the hell outta me way more than book!Ginny had.

    Cormac was brilliant being so sleazy. I loved it. And Lavender!=)) She wasn’t annoying AT ALL, because you KNOW they’re doing it on purpose.=)) Just. I loved it, very good, very good. The infirmary scene, when she and Hermione were having their bitchfight IN FRONT OF THE TEACHERS, GOD.=)) Snape’s face. PRICELESS.

    Yeah, another scene I loved, the one where Harry was under the Felix Felicis’ influence. Hahaha;=))
    Slughorn: “Harryyyyyyy~!!!”
    Harry: “Professorrrrrrr~?”


    Shit. Hmm, what else. Oh yeah, Bellatrix. There was nobody who could have played her other than Helena Bonham Carter. Absolutely brilliant.

    But I don’t remember them burning the Burrow, I guess I should really read the book again.

    Sorry about the incoherent commet, I promise to write about it in my own blog once everything’s settled. The doctors said Tristan has the Kawasaki disease.:( It makes his veins swell and it kinda affects his heart. yeah. There’s no need to confine him in a hospital but we need to have his heart checked every moth ro monitor any changes.

    But dont worry. Hope your workload gets better. I’ll write about CSI and HP6 soon, I have to get it out of my thoughts once an for all for the sake of the UPCAT.:))

  • thisismyfireexit
    July 19, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    my workload should be getting better in the next few days. audit finally left me in peace, although with a trail of findings to freaking answer to. might not be getting home early in the next week, but i don’t think i’ll be staying at the office until 9pm again.

    i’m worried about tristan. are you sure i still shouldn’t be? what the heck is a kawasaki disease and why won’t it leave him alone?? keep me posted, okay? i wanna see you again soon. when is the upcat ba? august 1-2 na kagad? lots of luck and love to you!! gambatte!! =)

    and yes, i love that harry/slughorn scene too! he talks fast and high-pitched and he’s all twitchy. he’s funny when he’s high. haha. and yeah, all the lavander scenes, i couldn’t stop giggling either. she was entertainingly annoying, although their kissing scenes were gross out. they actually eat each other’s faces, like in the book. hmm. and yes. helena bonham carter. she already built a niche for these sorts of crazy, delusional psychopathic/murdering roles didn’t she? i hated/feared her appropriately as bellatrix. and i did miss sirius. i still can’t get over how he died like that. my heart burns whenever i watch that scene.

    just looked up upcat. so it is in aug 1 and 2. you so can do it. don’t stress out too much, okay. it’s just an exam =)

    i still want to watch hp6 with you… =)

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