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Review: Crazy ‘First Love’ Indeed

The thing with high school rom-coms or any story focusing on the days of yore when we had sticks for limbs, zits on our noses and inexplicable haircuts is that they hold the master key to time travel. Those frightening 90 minutes or more have the power to pull us from the cynicism, dark circles and belly fat of our adulthood back into the innocent world wherein exams were the heaviest yoke on our shoulders and love is a silly, all-consuming monster. These stories remind us of the friends we shared our lunchbox with, teachers we laughed at but secretly cherished, and always, the first boy that summoned the first flush on our cheeks, that first wild thumping of the heart. Alas, crazy first love indeed.

Push the play button and I was Pimchanok Leuvisadpaibul’s Nam. Awkward, flustered and seemingly talentless–a walking bull’s eye for bullies of any age. We have all met Mario Maurer’s Shone. That one boy in school who walked tall, smiled like heaven, and teased like a toy–perfection in our eyes. We all have one of those. You don’t need to admit it.

I laughed, I teared up, and yes, I’m sorry, but I giggled. I could have wished for a less Pinoy-showbiz-ish ending. But it was a fun couple of hours watching scenes from my awkward childhood, albeit a better, cinema-worthy version of it (not bitter).

2010’s sleeper hit First Love/Crazy First Love/A Little Thing Called Love starring Mario Maurer and Pimchanok Leuvisadpaibul/Baifern.

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