Life and Lemons Movie Review


I fell asleep standing on the train. That’s not an exaggeration. The girl sitting in front of me nearly jumped on her seat when my knee gave way and I was jerked awake. I am so tired. And it’s not even over something worthwhile. Don’t tell anybody, but we watched “Miss you like crazy” last night.

It wasn’t as awful as predicted. Although I still hate Bea Alonzo by just the right amount she deserves for being a maarteng artista. I think there were quite a lot of tear-jerking moments (imagine, a two-hour long Pinoy romantic drama featuring a time-tested love team. You’d be an idiot to expect any less). But we spent those moments laughing our asses off. Donna was pretty pissed, coz she was all for crying with Bea and Lloydie.

Well, to the deluded believers of serendipity, to people who believe in the shining glory of love and to people who have not experienced the psychotic turmoil of a relationship (these are, take note, subsets of each other), I only have one thing to say:


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  • supermina
    March 11, 2010 at 7:39 am

    Dude, I watched it ON ITS PREMIER NIGHT.=)) AUUGUUUUUUUST!!!

    Also, wtf was that Muslim dude all about, right? They could’ve done completely without that Malaysia part, it was pretty random.

  • thisismyfireexit
    March 13, 2010 at 11:44 pm

    Dude, I really thought you were going to disown me. It was fun right? Funny? Haha. Yeah well in Pinoy movie world, the Malaysian part was integral, coz the girl who got dissed has to get payback right? We’re big on karma here after all.

    TIME IS… I forget what the pseudo-philosophical saying endorsed by the film said.

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