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Ahh, November 20. You were a great day :)

There was that dormant plan at the back of my head the first time I watched it, which is to hide under the seats hoping that the cleaning guys wouldn’t see so we can watch the movie again, right that instant. Obviously, I didn’t hate it.

I loved how Edward emerged from the foliage in the dream, all godlike and sparkling and beautiful and smiling at Bella like she was the only girl in the world. And then that was trumped only by his actual strut out of the new awesomer Volvo, nonchalant and arrogant and brooding, loping towards us shrieking movie viewers.

I loved every Jacob scene, every bold, stolen Jacob touch, every Jacob line and joke and grin and every frickin one of those abs, although it is kinda creepy for a 17-year old to have a set as scary as that, but really, no one’s complaining. I love how he made Bella and every girl watching the movie switch to Team Jake at the first shirt rip-off scene. KStew said they added like 5 seconds of silence in that scene expecting fans to use that for gawking and screaming at all the hot muscles. Those were 5 seconds well used.

And yes, dear Mina, I love Bella. I love how she’s angsty and vulnerable and tough. I love how it’s easy to understand how both hot monsters would want her. I love how a simple flick of muscle in her face shows a change in emotion, which makes her such a great catalyst for every rush of feeling Edward or Jake causes and courses through her.

Oh, and I love the three’s-a-crowd date with Mike! I think that was my favorite. ‘What a marshmallow.’

The Volturi was rightfully creepy. And watching Edward get pounded by Felix was painful. And the wolf-boys were hot, jacked up like a younger set of Spartans straight out of 300. Ooookaaay, my mind is drifting back to images of Jacob’s abs.

And every breakup scene was just horribly heavy and deadening and sad and emotionally draining. And then Edward just ends the roller coaster of it all by asking, all nervous and sweet and hesitant: “Marry me, Bella.”

And the movie ends with our collective gasp.

I’m watching it again on Tuesday. Oh, and is it June yet? 🙂

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