Life and Lemons

When life gives you lemons, dance like a white boy.

Plan A has officially been killed. I particularly thought the reason was BS, and that the tiny boss head honcho woman didn’t like me at first up-down sweeping glance, but okay, I’m done being pissed and bitter. Okay. I’m done NOW. As the cliche (and about 5 people) tells me, when a window opens, the silver lining breaks the shit pile. Or something to that effect. Haha, I’m trying to be funny, but I think I’m just coming out ironic.

So now, the life plan is:

Try for another department? Try for another company? What about MBA? Go for UP and kill myself with an 830am-630pm workday then a 630pm-9pm school day, not counting the grueling 5 hours accumulated commute and the required study hours once I get home Lord knows what time at night, limp and sadly crushed and exhausted. Or try ADMU so I can have Sat classes, and pay twice the UP tuition and mingle with the conyos (I will so be an outcast) and lunch in Rockwell (I will be officially in poverty)? And, I’ll have another day scratched off my social calendar! Do I buy a car? I’m torn between Team Jazz and Team new City, both dark gray. Can I afford it? Can I afford gas? Can I not pay for insurance? Do I have to get insurance for myself?? Ah. Wait, where do I park? And, do I still go for the writing thing which is what I truly madly deeply sincerely want to do? It is my mission.

Oh, and by the way, by freelance writing boss hasn’t paid me yet for the last 3 articles, and although he says he’s having problems collecting from his client and that he can give me other projects, and I do miss writing about those things I don’t know heck about, I think I don’t want to before getting paid first. Haha, just following the way of the world.

And I thought I don’t have much to say. Huh.

So happy Celina succumbed to the pull of Trinoma today. Our quest for COMELEC registration may have been delayed, but our desire to shop and dent our shallow pockets were not forestalled. I love it. I miss Trinoma. I’ll see you again next Saturday. I hope Fame is still showing then. Yay! ANNDDD, I’m going to be a registered voter by next Sunday!!! (Please God, don’t let the line then be as mile-long as it was this afternoon. Do you not know of death by water-deprivation?)

Oh. And Hell Week, phase 1 has been successfully accomplished. But I still hate (okay, only resent) my boss for leaving me for a ten-day vacay. I need a vacay too! Again! And I am kinda torn if I prefer her present or not. With her gone I can do what I want and be sure that there are less screw-ups. Hihi. Because honestly, I don’t get her system of labor. But with that, I am dead by the end of every day and I leave the branch so late I don’t have time to buy that dress I saw in Glorietta!! Not fair. Hehe. Whatev. Let
Hell Week, phase 2, commence in about 30+ more hours…

To end on a happier note:


Movie will be out when I am 24 years and 3 days old, which is not fantastic, but I’m still so excited! Vanilla, will give ya a real hug then! =)

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